Casa Del Mar Langkawi – Chilled Out Mediterranean-Style 5 Star Beach Hotel

Casa Del Mar Langkawi – Chilled Out Mediterranean-Style 5 Star Beach Hotel

From the moment I caught sight of the charming architecture, the bold colours contrasting the blue sky, and my personal garden, I couldn’t tell if I was Italy or Spain but somehow I was instantly transported back to the Med.  Then I turned around and my heart knew I was on the UNESCO World Geopark site of Langkawi, at the lovely Casa Del Mar.  This quaint five star hotel is home to just 34 rooms, making your stay an intimate affair where the staff remembers your usual order, knows your likes and dislikes, and instantly acts like you’re part of the family.  In fact, this luxury property exudes such a chilled and relaxed vibe that I didn’t fuss over how I looked once (like when I’m relaxing at home) and simply relaxed throughout my entire stay.

The Property

Set on the pristine Pantai Cenang beach, Casa Del Mar Langkawi is just a quick 10 minute drive from the airport and with lots of shopping and dining all around.  The cosy feeling of check-in on overstuffed sofas begins the chilled experience you’ll feel throughout your stay.

They have fun surprises like shelves upon shelves of books organised by language and a huge DVD library that you can simply walk up to and select what you’d like, which I did a couple of times and loved.

While the hotel and the pampering is 5-star, the relaxed vibe of Casa Del Mar extends to the service.  All of the staff are very sweet and friendly but know going in a few things may slip between the cracks and that you won’t have precision-grade service.  For me, none of it was anything crucial, just small details … and certainly nothing that busted my relaxed tropical island experience.

Casa Beachfront Studio Suite

Private garden, check!  Cool Mediterranean vibe, check.  Direct access to the beach, check.  I felt like a Spanish princess in my room, and the team knew how to pamper me to keep that feeling going, too.  There are insanely inexpensive splits of bubbles in the fridge (at 20 Ringgits each, they flew out of the minibar!).  Aromatic bath salts and foam to enhance a relaxing bath.  The room includes two jars of freshly baked cookies and peanuts in the shells in case we’re feeling peckish.  And they even provide fresh milk daily in the mini-bar for our morning coffee, which I can’t remember seeing anywhere else.

They have one of the nicest turn down services I’ve seen in ages as well.  They place the aircon and TV remotes in a bowl on the bed, Turn over the coffee cups and place a posh tea and hot cocoa packet in each one, you know, in case we’d like a healthy’ish nightcap (and not the bubbles!).  Light a tea light candle to heat up scented oil.  And do the normal bits like pull the blinds and place the bath mat in front of the shower.

My one complaint is about the bathrobe, oddly.  I am always so excited to get comfy and chill, and the first step is slipping into a bathrobe … but I only last a few seconds in that one because it was itchy and didn’t feel at all cosy.  It felt like a polyester blend fabric and I just couldn’t do it.

With direct access to the beach, the Casa Beachfront Studio Suite makes each morning a perfect picture. Rise to the sound of crashing waves and a view of infinite turquoise.


Food & Drinks

There is a beach bar, service to the pool, room service, La Sal Restaurant, and elegant beach dining in a romantic setting with lovely ambiance.  To say I ate well is putting it mildly cause I really pigged out on some amazing dishes at Casa Del Mar.  In fact, it’s one of the few times I’ve eaten dessert with every meal, too (and gobbled up every bite of it, which I guess I shouldn’t be proud of but it’s true).

La Sal serves up a pretty healthy mix of Mediterranean cuisine with a bit of a local fusion flair.  For example, my surf ‘n turf started included beef and foie with smoked salmon and then sate with peanut sauce, which isn’t a normal presence on a surf ‘n turf platter.

The bar infuses some really interesting combinations into rum, vodka, and gin and the resulting cocktails are delicious.  I enjoyed a thai chilli mojito that had a nice kick and subtle flavours that I loved, do try that when you go.

The romantic beach dining menu is 7-courses of YUM set apart from the other diners on a romantic table for two surrounded by torches, and with the sunset as a perfect backdrop.  Be sure to book that table and experience in advance so you don’t miss out.

Satkara Spa

I could smell the spa before I walked in, and that’s always a good sign.  Satkara Spa is a haven for peace and calm and a must-visit during your stay.  Every guest I spoke to during my trip commented that they’ve been, which helped me to understand why it was always booked up.  The team is skilled, with soft voices and auras of serenity that I appreciate at spas.

I had a (much overdue) 50-minute pedicure and a 60-minute reflexology treatment.  When I shared that I didn’t want nail varnish but that I just wanted to ensure my tootsies were like a baby’s bottom at the end of it, the treatment included deeper cleaning and still ended at the 50-minute mark.  Then the reflexology session brought my legs back to a healthy state after lots of high heels recently, they still feel ‘like new’ now, days later.


For more information or to make a reservation visit their website, and be sure to follow  their Facebook page.

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