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Bintan’s Gorgeous Doulos Phos Ship Hotel

Bintan’s Gorgeous Doulos Phos Ship Hotel

Welcome aboard Bintan’s brand spanking new 104-year-old Doulos Phos Ship Hotel! This stunning new destination on the island is a 10-year labour of love that you’ll feel in every single attention-to-detail across every inch of the property, and in each of the 104 cabins. The ship itself sits on a new strip of reclaimed land on the prettiest stretch of coastline within the famous Bintan Resorts area. I was fortunate to be the only guest on the ship during its pre-opening and ended up shooting over 35 minutes of video, it was so much fun! I’ve edited it down to 17 minutes so come along with me and explore it all: from the overwater spa, nighttime BBQs, the 2 restaurants, 2 bars, and their delightful in-cabin dining that turned my usual breakfast-in-bed into something different for a change.

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Angela Carson

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