Batam | The Tempats Luxury Private Villa

Batam | The Tempats Luxury Private Villa

While there are loads of villas in resorts on Batam, there’s only one luxury private villa on the entire island and that’s The Tempats! This exceptional private villa is perfect for anyone who wants a true escape from it all. Where you’ll dine on the freshest seafood, enjoy chilled BBQs or perfectly curated lavish meals, and sip the most affordable wine and drinks on Batam! It’s rare when a stay is virtually flawless yet that is exactly the experience my friend Lisya and I had at The Tempats as you’ll see!

While both villas at The Tempats have the same layout (they are mirror images of each other) I would recommend Tempat Gembira as your first choice. It was the actual home of the owners for a spell, and you feel that warmth and care in the interior design. It has lots of homey touches that truly made the stay feel like luxury homestay.

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The Tempats is comprised of two villas that each sleep eight people, although we found it perfect for just the two of us so don’t feel like it’s only for groups.

  • Their website has a blog with a wealth of tips on what to do on Batam so for more information or to make a reservation, visit their website
  • They owners reply really quickly to enquires so email them at [email protected]
  • Be sure to follow them on Instagram
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