Malacca | Casa Del Rio Melaka, Luxury on the River

Malacca | Casa Del Rio Melaka, Luxury on the River

Welcome to Casa Del Rio Melaka, the city’s charming 5 star hotel that pampers its guests in modern luxurious style!  From the lovely fountains and archways to the splashes of cobalt blue and the terracotta tiles, the splendour of Casa Del Rio will transport you instantly to the Mediterranean Sea.  While Malacca is best known as a UNESCO World Heritage City, which surely you’ll want to explore, Casa Del Rio makes is awfully tempting to stay put with its unbeatable views of the city, their diverse dining options, and that amazing Satkara Spa!  Come explore the hotel in my video tour:

Why You’ll Love Casa Del Rio Melaka

  • Rooftop Pool!  The swank pool and rooftop bar definitely feel reminiscent of my 12 years living seaside in Spain.  You can spend all day enjoying the almost 360 view on Malacca, swimming, and sipping freshly shaken cocktails … it’s fabulous!
  • Food & Drinks!  If I’m not mistaken, Casa Del Rio offers the most dining options of any hotel in Malacca (at least the most of any I’ve been to!).  There’s a lovely cafe where you can sip your morning latte on the river or enjoy a tiffin lunch.  A restaurant serving up local and western food that is deee-lish!  And a cool bar that offers up a postcard perfect backdrop to watch the sunset and toe-tapping live entertainment.  I had a blast all 3 days and never dined away from the hotel.
  • VIP Excursions!  Casa Del Rio has a private jetty for hopping on and off the infamous river cruise, which trust me is a HUGE win because I’ve done it before and waited in a massive public queue.  They offer loads of other fun excursions, too, like the infamous trishaw tours … and will 100% ensure that you’ll experience only the best of Malacca.
  • The Spa!  Located just off the rooftop pool, the spa at Casa Del Rio is amazing (see the video for full review).  My only regret is that I waited until the day I checked out to visit the spa so sadly I didn’t allow myself enough time to schedule more treatments after realising how awesome it was.

Honestly, I witnessed the prettiest sunsets of any of my Malacca trips from the bar at Casa Del Rio.  The hotel is situated right in the centre of town, yet you’d never know that while on the property.  It’s on a  particular stretch and curve of river that gives it an expansive and wonderfully impressive view.

My only complaint was the noise from the hallway.  I think they need to add a rubber bottom edge or some kind of modern muffling system to the room doors because the entire property is tiled so the noise carries sadly.  I was very happy I had earplugs in the mornings 😉

Connect with Casa Del Rio

The rooms are spacious with pretty balconies so be sure to book the rooms facing the river for the best possible views.  I highly recommend Casa Del Rio!

XOXO Angela

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