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Penang Hill Funicular Railway at Sunrise

Penang Hill Funicular Railway at Sunrise

When my friend Nigel, owner of Black Kettle — born and bred in Penang — told me that his favourite place on the entire island to watch the sunrise is from Penang Hill, I decided it would be worth waking up hella-early to check it out. Of course, he was right! The first funicular service heads up the hill at 6:30am and that’s the one you need to take in the breathtaking sunrise. Come along with me and ride the funicular train up and down, take in the gorgeous panoramic sunrise, and explore a bit of Penang Hill.

Because it was so early, the shops and restaurants were closed so there wasn’t much to do after sunrise. The next time I go, I would still take the 6:30am train up for the sunrise but then I would go on a hike for an hour or two, finishing up with breakfast before heading back down the hill. For details on all of the fun things you can get up to there, visit the Penang Hill website

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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