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Clarins Skin Spa Suria KLCC at Petronas Twin Towers | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Clarins Skin Spa Suria KLCC at Petronas Twin Towers | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Everyone wants to visit Petronas Twin Towers and experience something special … and Clarins Skin Spa at Suria KLCC mall is just the ticket!  And with how quickly it books up, spending time there is a truly exclusive experience that you’ll need to pre-plan well in advance … and my-oh-my is it worth it!

I happened upon Clarins Skin Spa by chance.  I moved into the Hampshire Park neighbourhood around the corner and googled the closest spot to buy Clarins products and voilà, what luck!  Petronas Towers (Suria KLCC mall) is just a 7 minute walk from home for me.  Their shop has all of the wonderful Clarins products that you want, along with a spa menu that is exciting and diverse. 

I wanted something deep cleansing and restorative to bring back the elasticity to my face following weeks in the sun at hotel reviews.  They suggested the anti-ageing firming facial, which wouldn’t have been my first choice left to my own devices.  Yet it turned out to be absolutely perfect.  It left my face glowing and feeling (and looking!) healthier than it had in MONTHS!  I haven’t dived into Botox or anything in the cosmetic surgery area yet so skin products are my only ally at the moment.  And that treatment worked to recalibrate my skin and set me back on track.

Their 75 minute facials are very well thought out, with relaxing body massage to key areas added in during the masques.  I honestly almost fell asleep a couple of times, it was that hypnotic and tranquil.

Contact Clarins Skin Spa

For Clarins Skin Spa, be sure to make an appointment well in advance.  I didn’t do that and had to wait 2 days for an appointment, they are very popular!  Find all their contact information for the Suria KLCC mall location here, or give them a call on +60 3 2382 6800.  They’re open from 10am to 10pm.

Clarins for 40s Skin

As far as the products go, I’m addicted.  My skin hasn’t felt or looked this good in years.  I don’t fuss over my hair, makeup, or skincare regime as anyone who has seen a few of my videos can tell.  I prefer a simple routine over something complex — both with my skin care and my makeup — so I have facial cleanser by Clarins that I love and I use the anti-ageing serum, day moisturiser, and night cream … and that’s it.

I shot my first beauty regime video recently while in Phuket, using all of my Clarins products and showing the before and after look of my skin and sadly I lost the footage due to a fake memory card (that I didn’t realise was fake until after 3 video shoots).  I’m so disappointed and do apologise for the video not being as detailed as I wanted.  The products, however, are all listed below and I highly recommend each and every one 🙂

What To Use / How To Apply It

Clarins products are special and thus require a special touch.  If you spend time at the spa or just pop in to buy your products, they’ll show you exactly how to apply the products.  For me it was an education and I was grateful for the knowledge.  Here’s what’s in my beauty bag that is ideal but ‘basic’ for a 46 year old vlogger:

Follow Clarins Malaysia

XOXO Angela

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