I am Angela Carson, a location independent single mom from California. At 21, I dropped out of uni to travel Mexico solo. I’ve explored 38 countries, living in Spain, the U.S., and India with my daughter, then China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan as an empty nester.

By day, I’m a hospitality marketing consultant, helping hotels, restaurants and travel brands to grow online. Check out my company That WOW here.

Each Month I Generate

  • 100k+ monthly video views on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with over 6.5 million total views on YouTube
  • 67,812 page views on my BLOGS, with 1,597,649 total views 

Storytelling Is My Passion

  • I write tales of life abroad on my personal blog.
  • Every week I launch videos on YouTube to help locals, expats, and travellers make travel decisions.
  • I started my very 1st blog AngelasBangalore.com the 1st day I moved to India and I’m proud that it was the Google Ranked #1 ‘Bangalore blog’ for over 5 years.  Conde Nast Traveller magazine even recommended it as Secret #58 on their ‘100 Secrets of India’ list.
  • I’m a contributor at magazines like MAXIM and Esquire Malaysia, and a ‘travel insider’ for Condé Nast Traveller Magazine.


I’ve toured with Guns N’ Roses as the head of social media, have a private pilot’s license, and love to write and drink red wine. I’ve been a luxury travel and food blogger since 2011 and I’m a contributor to Condé Nast Traveller, MAXIM, Esquire, and more.

For collaborations or to contact me: wanderwithangela {at} gmail {dot} com 

XOXO Angela
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