Video Review | Malaysian DEGAYO Coffee in Slow Brew Style by KINTO

Video Review | Malaysian DEGAYO Coffee in Slow Brew Style by KINTO

After travelling for months around Southeast Asia in 2016, I’ve finally (happily) settled down once again in Kuala Lumpur.  On a recent trip to Penang, I was at a blogger’s event at Black Kettle where the Malaysian coffee company DEGAYO was presenting their coffee.  Along with trying to teach us how to do coffee art, they gave a live demo of slow brew style coffee and it was delicious.  On top of the pure quality and taste of it, the handcrafted glass carafe and stainless steel filter they sell from the Japanese company KINTO was beautiful and would save so much space in my fabulous but teeny-tiny downtown KL condo.  So I brought the set home, along with Black Kettle’s House Blend coffee by DEGAYO.

The truth is though, there is an art and skill required to ‘hand pour’ coffee that is properly brewed.  My learning curve lasted over a month and I sadly wasted a ton of that precious roasted gold in the process.  I made TERRIBLE coffee for weeks!

Well, not anymore.  I love my morning coffee and have it down to a science now for my tastes.  Honestly, I can see myself sticking with slow coffee style for years, I absolutely love it.  And the BEST BONUS of it all is how eco-friendly the carafe and stainless steel/paperless filter are, giving me zero waste aside from the coffee grounds.

Check out my video review, complete with screw ups and my hard-learned tips for brewing awesome coffee >>

If you’re in Penang, don’t miss my favourite cafe Black Kettle.  You can buy the KINTO Slow Coffee Style and DEGAYO beans and enjoy amazing food (celebrity chef James Won of Enfin by James Won created the menu there, it’s fabulous!)


XOXO Angela

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