Ambong Ambong Langkawi Luxury Boutique Hotel & Yoga Retreat

Ambong Ambong Langkawi Luxury Boutique Hotel & Yoga Retreat

If vertical gardens make you smile, then you are gonna LOVE Ambong Ambong on Langkawi.  This truly original and serene four star boutique hotel and yoga retreat has literally been built up a hillside … just across the way from the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.  And when I say UP a hillside, I mean it.  They have vehicles to drive you from the restaurant, yoga studio, pool, and spa at the (relative) base of the hill just above to your studio, villa, or suite because it’s so so so steep.

To say that I highly recommend Ambong Ambong is an understatement.  I fell so madly in love with my suite, the incredibly high quality of the service, and the experiences they offer to rejuvenate body and soul I didn’t want to leave.  You’ll see why within 30 seconds of watching my video:

Why You’ll Love Ambong Ambong Langkawi:

  • That bathtub!  It’s quirky and fun but more than that it is set in the open air with memorable views of the jungle and Andaman Sea that you’ll carry with you long after you’ve returned home.
  • The suite!  Floor to ceiling windows and lots of open space with a minimalist design make these pretty rooms truly special.
  • Views from the yoga studio!  A yoga retreat on Langkawi surely doesn’t get any better than Ambong Ambong.  Imagine meditating with the breeze from the Andaman kissing your cheeks and the sound of nature all around you, it’s perfection.
  • Awesome cocktails!  The staff behind the bar have taken mixology classes and they whip up some mean cocktails!  My favourite was the Champange, saké, and ginger invention of theirs, don’t miss it!

The Suites

My jaw dropped three times while I was led around on my room tour, it’s THAT amazing.  Green is the theme of the day and it comes from the subtle splashes of coulour inside but mostly from the jungle outside, which is used as the main decorating element of the suites.  It comes with everything you’d expect like satellite TV and fast wifi and then special touches you don’t like a standalone wooden bathtub and a shower with windows instead of a wall so that you can enjoy the jungle under the rainforest shower head!  Best. Shower. Ever!!!!

The service level really is very 5-star to me.  They provide a mobile for each room, with direct lines to each department, including to the driver.  When you’re out on the town and need a ride to the next hotspot or from a restaurant back to Ambong Ambong, just grab your phone and call!  OHHH and I needed to buy a ticket for a flight to Penang for the day of my checkout and they took care of everything for me so I didn’t have to spend time making the booking, and just adding it onto my bill (at-cost, with no service charge).  I really appreciated that very much.

TIP: There are 3 suites and I would suggest asking for the top floor when you make your booking (call well in advance to ensure you secure it!)

Ishan Spa

Why head down to the spa when they’ll bring the spa to you?  My experience started with a foot ritual (love those things!) with sea salts and aromatherapy oils.  Then I enjoyed a 60 minute aromatherapy massage in my room and it was symmetry in motion and had me feeling like Jello by the end of it.  The music was calming and the skills of the massage therapist were top notch.

After that, I happily played guinea pig to a decadent new service that will be on the spa menu as of next week.  Ishan Spa’s aromatherapy milk bath combines, yes you’ve guessed it, actual milk, essential oils and aromatherapy powders, fresh flowers, bubble bath, and ACTUAL bubbles (Champagne or Prosecco) and it was divine.  The water is warm, not hot and there’s something about the tub being made of wood that keeps it the perfect temperature for ages (which is GREAT because once you’re in, you’ll never want to leave … trust me on that one, I was prune-eyyyy!).

Eat & Drink

Breakfast is the only meal of the day that is whipped up in the kitchen but there’s a Japanese restaurant on the property, there are oodles of places to order in from (so many you can eat from a different spot daily), and an endless row of restaurants just a few minutes’ walk from Ambong Ambong.

When it comes to the drinks, you’ll stay happy day and night.  The bar stocks everything from Champers, beers, mocktails and fresh coconut delights, to wonderful and inventive cocktails featuring homemade infused rums and gins to Champagne and more.

My biggest complaint was that there are zero snacks in the room and after a certain time it’s impossible to order in food later in the night.  I really could have used something to nibble on after a long (and yummy) happy hour one evening.

Happy hour is nightly ’til 20:00 but they’ll extend it (and the 50% off prices) if you are having too much fun to leave.  They’re very sweet like that!


XOXO Angela

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