Prana Spa in Seminyak, Charmingly Exotic with Great Treatments

Prana Spa in Seminyak, Charmingly Exotic with Great Treatments

Spending a day in Prana Spa will transport mind, body and soul to an exotic land.  Not only is it the largest spa in Seminyak I believe but it’s one of the largest spas on all of Bali and it was designed to reflect the rustic simplicity of Morocco combined with the detailed intricacies of Indian palaces … and the combination is simply breathtaking.  Honestly, I couldn’t stop taking photos the entire time I was there.  And every single image looks like an awakening of the senses with all its colours and textures.

Why You’ll Love Prana Spa

  • The spa menu is immense!  You’ll have choices to last you DAYS…making it a one-stop-destination for a full day of pampering (and then some!)
  • Men have their own awesome menu
  • Their staff are expertly trained and I have only the highest praise for the lovely lady who took care of me
  • Breakfast in their stunning courtyard before your sessions begin is absolutely yummy
  • The décor is unique and truly special

The Spa

You first enter a lovely reception hall that smells divine where they sit you down to choose and plan your day.  They have several diverse packages to choose from that include a range of services.  Some of the most interesting are the ‘jet lag remedy’, the ‘moms to be’ and the ‘slimming’ combinations, although they also have a couple just for the men that look really appealing.

The treatment rooms are lovely and decorated like the rest of the property.  In fact, even the ceilings are ornately decorated!  It really did take me back to my travels in Marrakech or the few years I lived in India.  So pretty.  My only negative comment from the whole day would be that the treatment rooms don’t have proper doors, just curtains.  This meant that every time someone walked by that I was pulled out of my inner bubble but the décor was so lovely it kinda of made up for it.

Connect & Contact

  • Follow Prana Spa on Facebook or for more information on this lovely spa visit their website
  • For reservations ring up on +62 (361) 730 840 or send an email
  • Prana Spa is conveniently located in downtown Seminyak: Jalan Kunti, Seminyak, Bali 80261

XOXO Angela
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