Romantic Bali Honeymoon Package at La Villa Mathis in Seminyak

Romantic Bali Honeymoon Package at La Villa Mathis in Seminyak

angela-carson-luxury-travel-writer-asia-blogger-seminyak-bali-best-honeymoon-package-villaLove and romance is certainly everywhere on the island of Bali but the team at Villa Mathis in Seminyak have refined their Honeymoon Package and experiences to an art form.  In fact, their ‘Art of Romance’ package is perfect for any couple celebrating a special anniversary or just looking for a little extra loved-up pampering while on holiday in Bali…but I imagine the memories would be even more special on a Honeymoon.

The property extends across more than 10.000 m2 of land that is adjacent to some lovely rice paddy fields in Seminyak.  There are 4 unique sets of villas in the property, each one built up with various villas/cottages within it for the 4 – 5 rooms in that villa, in the style of Italian architecture while maintaining a very traditional Balinese design and feel to everything inside and out.  

Why You’ll Love Villa Mathis

  • The #1 reason is the staff!  They’ll make every single dining experience an opportunity for romance
  • Perfect for a honeymoon in Bali
  • Located just about 5 minutes from the beach and downtown Seminyak
  • There are 4 different pools and lots of gazebos and large Thai beds and chill-out spaces to snoodle up and be on your own

Java Suite with Oversized Bath Tub for Two

I stayed in the Java suite and can attest that it is simply perfect for romance with its sexy red details, gorgeous four-poster canopied bed, and … the large oversized bathtub for two.  I took a couple of my meals on the low table while sat on a fluffy pillow and it was an amazing experience.  They’d setup breakfast on my private terrace.  And at night I fell asleep to the soft croaking sounds of frogs and in the morning I woke up to the sound of roosters.

High Tea

Served daily from 13:00 – 17:30, the afternoon high tea at Villa Mathis is something special.  First, they setup the experience in a romantic and secluded spot so you have privacy to simply be together and enjoy it nice and slow.  There are three types of teas to choose from, a selection of sweet and savoury treats, including organic ice cream, which I’ve never seen at high tea and absolutely loved.  The presiding butler stays attentive while still being out-of-sight so you feel like you are absolutely on your own.

Romantic Culinary Experiences

I really don’t need to write much here because the photos speak for themselves.  The team at Villa Mathis honestly did more for each dining experience for each couple – or even me alone – than I’ve seen at any other property I’ve reviewed.  They really try to customise the experiences…changing the location of each of your breakfasts, lunches and dinners and adding in colour-coordinated details to make each one stand out as completely unique.

Restaurant & Lounge

This fabulously shabby chic European designed restaurant serves up a delicious mix of Balinese, European and Continental delights.  For the most part I stuck to the Balinese dishes and Thai soups because they were so fresh and so yummy I couldn’t get enough.  They are open all day, with the bar closing at midnight.

Pools, Chill-out Lounges and Private Gazebos & Beds

There are 4 pools and numerous gazebos and pavilions and lounge areas to relax and play in throughout the 4 villas.  Each time I explored the grounds there was always a cute couple loved up in a corner somewhere or enjoying a pool on their own.  With so many options, I’m guessing you rarely have to share space there, giving your honeymoon or holiday a very private feel to it.

The Art of Romance

Depending on whether or not you want to tuck in and never leave the property or if you’re anxious to explore temples and the vibrant dining and nightlife of Seminyak, Villa Mathis can help you customise the perfect romantic itinerary just for you.  The  standard Art of Romance package includes some wonderful experiences:

  • 1 hour side-by-side Balinese massage in a couples room.  They decorate the spa entry just for you with fresh flowers and a satin red carpet lined with candles so it is a very royal experience
  • Romantic tea and tasting moment before your spa visit
  • Private dinner alongside your own secluded pool.  After dinner the staff will leave and you can spend time alone in the pool under the stars … it’s very romantic, with soft music and candles floating around the pool to give it just the right ambiance
  • Flower petal bath with candlelight that is divine!

Villa Mathis is a wonderful property in Bali with a team who genuinely cares about making every moment special for their guests.  It’s not a luxury property but honestly, it almost was for me on many levels but look for the service to wow you for sure.  The value for your money and the memories you will take home with you make this an ideal honeymoon spot just outside the heart of Seminyak.

Visit their website and follow Villa Mathis on Facebook for a glimpse into romance each week.

XOXO Angela
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