Bali Store Luggage | Best Surfboard, Bag, Golf Clubs Storage Company

Bali Store Luggage | Best Surfboard, Bag, Golf Clubs Storage Company

I’ve been to Bali three times now. While the first trip was just for five days over New Years 2014, the past two trips have been for 2 months and 1 month respectively. On both of my two recent trips I travelled with two pieces of luggage – one large, one carry-on size. The first trip, I stored the large suitcase at a friend’s villa. While that was an inexpensive option for sure, it was inconvenient to have to hop into a taxi whenever I wanted to swap items around. Well, now I’ve found Bali Store Luggage and they are the BEST company and service for storing extra bags, golf clubs, a surfboard, scuba diving equipment, etc. It’s owned by a friendly and hard-working husband and wife team and I highly recommend them.

Why You’ll Love Bali Store Luggage

  • They’ll pickup and drop-off most anywhere in Bali (for a fee) or you can meet them at their office for free
  • It’s really inexpensive!  I only paid USD$35 for a whole month!!
  • The team is really friendly and speaks English (and they reply quickly to inquiries)
  • They’ll provide boxes if you need them
  • It’s a family owned business and they really seem to care about each customer
  • You can pay by Indonesian Rupiah in person, or online via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard or American Express

When I’m doing back-to-back reviews, the last thing I want to have to do is waste an hour or two dealing with things like my extra bag. I used Bali Store Luggage’s pick-up and drop-off service and it was GREAT. For the pick-up I was staying at The Mulia in Nusa Dua and they showed up exactly at the specified time. For the drop-ff I was on the beach in Seminyak at the Luna2 Studiotel, and again they arrived right on time.

Definitely use their pick-up and drop-off service, it’s absolutely the only way to go.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Email them at [email protected] as soon as you know your itinerary to secure your optimal pick-up day and time. If you’re actually reading this while you’re already on Bali, you can also just give them a call but you’ll have to send pick-up details anyway so I suggest just starting on email.
  2. You’ll pay per piece, per length of time. I paid for one month, for one piece, and the cost was Rp. 475,000 (USD$35).  They offer ‘months’ or ‘days’ so you are 100% covered no matter what your situation.  And you can easily keep extending time if you need to, just email them.
  3. Coordinate drop-off. They ask for 24-hour’s notice to drop-off your clubs or bag or board to a hotel or villa. I actually setup my drop about a week in advance by email and they arrived on the day, at the exact hour I requested.
  4. Inspect your item/s and pay for the service. You’ll be asked to check your item/s while the staff is there, and to pay cash if you haven’t already paid online for their wonderful service.

I plan to use Bali Store Luggage every time I head to Bali for reviews. I like travelling light but always have an extra bag with non-beach wear and business clothes in case I need to fly out unexpectedly.

Connect With Bali Store Luggage

For information on pricing, visit their website.  To make a reservation, email them at [email protected].

XOXO Angela

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