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Where To Buy Glasses in Batam | Optik Melawai (designer frames)

Where To Buy Glasses in Batam | Optik Melawai (designer frames)

If you are looking for where to buy glasses in Batam and want to buy luxury brand frames, Optik Melawai is the best on the island. Before deciding on Optik Melawai for my new frames and lenses, I visited three malls and several eyeglass shops and they had the most expansive selection of premium brands like Dior, Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, and much much more as you’ll see in the video.

They do have several locations but for me, Grand Batam Mall, which is their newest outlet, was where I wanted to shop. I experienced their testing, which was more robust than the shop where I bought my last pair of glasses in Batam. The service is wonderful. And it was snappy! It took just a few days to receive my fabulous new Kate Spade glasses.

Where To Buy Glasses In Batam

  • For store locations in Batam, check their website. Right now I think the Grand Batam Mall location might be closed so check here first: https://www.optikmelawai.com/lokasi?kota=batam
  • Be sure to follow them on Instagram for amazing (almost) daily inspiration for new sunglasses and prescription frames https://www.instagram.com/optik_melawai/
Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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