Find the Best Villa Deals in Seminyak From Bali’s Top Facebook Group

Find the Best Villa Deals in Seminyak From Bali’s Top Facebook Group

So I’m back in Bali for the second time this year. The first time was to spend New Year’s Eve at a masque ball at Ku De Ta with some friends. We ended up staying in villas that were right next to each other that we found on the Facebook group Bali Seminyak Housing & Accommodation, which was perfect. Well, mine wasn’t a villa really but a Balinese-style studio but it had a private pool and garden and was so charming. I paid around $50 a night for it, which is so so so cheap for such a cute and chilled place. It had an amazing view of Seminyak’s rice paddy fields and was just about 5 or 10 minutes outside of downtown by moped. In fact, when I called to ask about motorbikes they even hooked us up with a moped rental company that offered drop-off and pick-up service.


Now I’m back for 60 days and I’m trying to find an affordable monthly option.  While I’m looking, today I booked into a villa for a few days that just came on the market this week. This 3 bedroom / 2 Bath villa with private pool rents for USD$1,800 per month. Luckily, it’s being managed by the same team as the studio I stayed in at NYE and they’ve allowed me to stay here for the few days I have on my own before I start a very busy round of 7 weeks of reviews, hopping from hotel to hotel in Seminyak and Ubud. Check out better photos than what I snapped below here in the Gallery I found on the Facebook page!

Something For Everyone

Bali Seminyak Housing & Accommodation showcases villas and apartments from lots of different agents, companies and even private owners so you really can find something that’s perfect for you. Just look at the two places I found, they are fabulous! Neither is in the luxury category but as a luxury travel blogger, reviewing 5-star hotels as a norm, it’s great to be able to step outside that category from time to time when I’m on holiday to experience a bit more ‘real life’ in a country. I wouldn’t step away from luxury everywhere but this turns out to be especially wonderful in a country like Bali where villas with partially open roofs and living and dining rooms that open onto nature are exotic and wonderfully charming.

XOXO Angela

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