Ku De Ta for Best Breakfast on the Beach in Seminyak!

Ku De Ta for Best Breakfast on the Beach in Seminyak!

Kick off your first morning in Bali perfectly with brekkie at Ku De Ta in Seminyak.  Sure this amazing venue is infamous for its sunset sessions and nights.  And I can attest to how amazing they are since I was at their masque ball on New Year’s Eve this past year and rang in the New Year with friends dancing to the Freemasons.  You’ll see though that it’s more than a lounge and club.

The Perfect Brekkie Spot

Ku De Ta is where I went my first morning in Seminyak so it is the image in my mind I have whenever I think of my first steps in the sand in Bali.  The crystal blue skies mixed with the natural beauty of the sea and the chilled out sounds of floating through the speakers have melded into the perfect memory that I’m sure I’ll carry with me forever (well, until I start to lose my memory in a few years!).

Their breakfast is diverse and they literally have something for everyone:

  • Breakfast burritos and yummy bacon for anyone with a hangover
  • Ricotta and strawberry pancakes
  • Eggs Benedict or Florentine
  • Lots of healthy options
  • Kids menu for just 75 Rupiah

Click here to check out the Breakfast Menu

I had the 125 Rupiah set menu with eggs Florentine and it was delicious!  It came with freshly squeezed juice and exotic fresh fruit that made the ‘Bali experience’ even that much more awesome my first morning in Seminyak.  Tea or coffee is also included and I enjoyed a yummy iced latte to kick start the day!

I’m sure I will post more reviews about Ku De Ta soon but if I can convince you to head straight there your first morning I think you’ll be a fan of the place just like me.  The quality of their food is amazing and the service is stellar but baby, sometimes it’s all about location, location, location!

For more information visit their website or follow Ku De Ta on Facebook.

XOXO Angela

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