Half Day at Desa Seni’s Wonderful Merapu Svaasthya Spa in Seminyak, Bali

Half Day at Desa Seni’s Wonderful Merapu Svaasthya Spa in Seminyak, Bali

If you are looking for a spa day while you are in Seminyak that is set in nature and will have your mind and body feeling 100% rejuvenated then look no further than Bali’s Desa Seni Merapu Svaasthya Spa.  I recently spent a solid half-day there and it has left such an impression on me that I can’t wait to go back.

The first thing you’ll experience is a feeling that you’ve escaped civilisation.  Desa Seni has a very Bohemian vibe to it with its barefoot guests who seem completely chilled out, and for good reason.  The resort is infamous as a yoga retreat so I imagine they are all in a blissful state of zen 24/7.  Although the resort is literally a stone’s throw from downtown Seminyak, it felt as though I had travelled quite a distance and was off in nature somewhere to be honest because once I walked up the stairs and into Desa Seni’s village, all I saw was lush green vegetation, rustic villas and open architecture restaurants or yoga pavilions.

I’m stealing this from Desa Seni’s website because it is perfect: “Merapu means ‘spiritual forces’ and Svaasthya means ‘wellness.’  Desa Seni, A Village Resort has been designed to be a spa within itself. Whether you choose to relax in an outdoor bale, swim in the salt-water pool, join a yoga class in our Mahadevi Studio or have a treatment at Merapu Svaasthya, the team at Desa Seni will do its utmost to recharge you.”

And they will, trust me.  Unlike some of the other spas in Seminyak, it’s easy to see that they’ve recruited amazingly skilled and talented staff for the spa.

Merapu Svaasthya Spa

It had been a while since my last good spa day so I booked in for a full afternoon of treatments to put my body and mind back to a healthy place.  I even added in a special session at the last minute with a Balinese Healer, which by chance they could accommodate, so I was there so late I was the last guest and able to see the transition of the spa from daytime to night, lit up and looking amazing as I walked away!

The spa isn’t actually that large so do yourself a favour and call ahead for your booking.  The room I was given was situated as you enter on the right (sorry I don’t remember the room number) and it was open to the gardens on one side, making my spa experience truly unique.  There is something really wonderful about being semi-exposed like that but feeling at one with nature.  It’s not something you can experience every day so don’t miss that opportunity…I think it’s what I remember most about my time at Desa Seni’s spa.

Here’s what I experienced:

  • Desa Seni Signature Body Massage > this 90 minutes treatment is a firm and deeply therapeutic massage using a combination of techniques, touching upon the pressure points of the body to return the body to balance. It was both relaxing and revitalising.
  • Saucha Body Wrap > this 90 minute marine and seaweed body mask fortifies the body with trace minerals and vitamins, cleanses, improves circulation and deeply detoxifies the body through metabolic stimulation.  It’s coupled with a dry rub salt body exfoliation scrub, too. While the body is warm and cocooned, the therapist gives a relaxing neck, scalp and face massage, too … it’s awesome!  Such a relaxing experience, I honestly almost fell asleep.
  • Aura Chakra Therapy > this 90 minute treatment is presided over not by a spa therapist but by a Balinese Healer.  It’s a very interesting treatment that forced me to think about what was causing me stress or troubling me and the healer would chant and move his hands just over me to manipulate the vibrations around me.  There is an initial consultation, an aura cleansing using Balinese holy water, young coconut and a traditional Balinese offering), and a warm salt-water foot bath to remove toxins from the body. Then the Healer did his thing for 90 minutes.  I had a really hard time getting into it and my mind kept wandering but I imagine that someone who practices meditation would get a lot more out of this treatment because it really was an amazing thing to have the powers of a Healer working their magic over me.

When I left, my body was Jello, my skin was soft like a baby’s, and I felt calm and zen-like.  Honestly it’s one of the most memorable spa experiences I’ve had because of the room I was given, the quality of the services but also the wonderful memory of the Balinese Healer.  I lived for three years in India and never took up yoga but I think I’d like to go back to Desa Seni for a couple of days and experience one of their yoga packages.  Based on everything I know of this amazing resort, it is the 100% perfect spot to start down the path of my personal yoga journey.  Plus I see their pics on Instagram every day and everyone always looks so at peace!

Information & Reservations

Do follow them on Instagram for a insta-dose of healing.  They don’t push a constant stream of marketing messages but instead share the goings on at the resort.

Email: [email protected]
Call: 0361-844-6392
Visit their website
Or check out the Desa Seni Merapu Svaasthya spa treatment menu

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