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Bintan | Isa Luxury Eco Villa

Bintan | Isa Luxury Eco Villa

If a barefoot, rustic eco escape sounds like just what you need right now, you’re going to L-O-V-E Isa Luxury Eco Villa! This 4 bedroom, multi-level, multi-building villa features round rooms with king beds. As you’ll see, each room has floor-to-ceiling glass fronts that open up onto private balconies with the prettiest views of Bintan Island’s southeast coast. This is the perfect villa for families or groups as it sleeps up to 15 people.

You can also feel great about your stay because a part of the booking goes towards their own NGO project Safe Water Garden, whose aim is to ensure safe sanitation for every village family by 2025! I visited one of the villages and saw their initiative first-hand, it’s wonderful work they are doing.

Oohhhh, and during your stay, don’t miss the fun activities at neighbouring Loola Eco Adventure. We had a bonfire BBQ there one night, went kayaking, climbed trees, and went on a nighttime marine walk.

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Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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