DC Restaurant by Darren Chin – Kuala Lumpur’s Best Small, Intimate Fine Dining Restaurant

DC Restaurant by Darren Chin – Kuala Lumpur’s Best Small, Intimate Fine Dining Restaurant

Talk about exclusive!!  Given what the reservations look like on any given night, DC Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur’s TTDI neighbourhood may have eight tables or it may have 12 but from what I understand it’s never more than that … which makes every guest feel honourably VIP.  Presided over by Chef Darren Chin (the DC in this gem’s name), his fine dining restaurant is accessible by reservation only to a few of us lucky foodies each evening.  The menu and the wines are updated on a hyper-regular basis to keep frequent visitors excited to return time and again and to inventively showcase the best ingredients Chef Darren has found for his kitchen.

Why You’ll Love DC Restaurant

  • It’s Exotic!  Honestly, Chef Darren has created some flavour profiles that skyrocketed my taste buds to the heavens.  He combines amazing ingredients like ice plant from Europe with Japanese scallops and it’s to-die-for.
  • It’s Truly Intimate!  This isn’t the kind of place you can pop into spontaneously, DC Restaurant is a DESTINATION and reservations are required.
  • The Simplicity!  There is a Three-, Five-, and Seven-Course Menu and that’s it aside from some canapés at the bar.  For me, I see this as a streamlined approach to assuring that the best quality standards will always be achieved.
  • The Cheese Trolley!  Honestly, just look at the pics below, I really don’t need to go into it here 🙂

About Chef Darren Chin

I love chatting with and interviewing chefs around Asia and I found Chef Darren to be quite different.  In his own words, he’s a craftsman, not an artist. He feels that artistic flair is important but not at the expense of perfectly orchestrated execution.  Darren shared, “I am a professional just like a hairdresser or handbag maker, we fall under the same category.  The more we practice the better we become.”  Well, Chef Darren must have practiced ’til he dropped because he’s beyond better … and clearly on a fast track to being the best!

He’s also gracious and seems to truly love sharing his passion.  I saw him come out and present different dishes to each of the tables.  This makes the dining experience not only an intimate affair but we guests feel as though we are part of an exclusive club for the foodie elite of KL.

Eat & Drink

This is a foodie’s wonderland!  Downstairs you’ll find a waiting area and be offered a non-alcoholic welcome drink as you enter.  There you can choose to unwind with pre-dinner cocktails and canapés from their live prep area and then head up for your prix fixe menu and some exciting wines

Do watch the video for the live prep of one of my yummy courses behind-the-scenes in the kitchen with Chef Darren and his team.

Chef Darren curates the wine menu himself, with mostly French wines.  According to him, they must be, “Very elegant, very emotional, very full of potential. Wines need to reflect the characteristics that reflect the emotion I’m trying to convey in the food, especially the Rhones.”  Well, personally I love that!!!  His wine list is concise and short but effective. Straight to the point, no mucking about he says.  By the glass you’ll find only 2 white 2 red that have been specially curated for the menu each time it changes.

Menu & How to Connect

They have the BEST Instagram account of any restaurant I’ve seen so far in KL because it’s pure passion for food and not used as a hard-sell marketing channel pushing promotions. Definitely follow their Instagram account!

  • 3 Course Menu: RM 258 include the chef’s amuse bouche, one entree, one main, and dessert or the cheese cart.
  • 5 Course Menu: RM 348 includes the chefs, 1st course, 2nd course, a main entrée that can be selected between two choices, a main (choose between three options), and dessert or the cheese cart
  • 7 Course Menu: RM 428 includes 4 first courses, a main entrée, a main, and either dessert or five types of cheese from the cheese cart
  • To make a reservation or for more information visit DC Restaurant’s website.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook for some culinary love, shared links to featured articles, and behind-the-scenes moment with Team DC Restaurant each week.

XOXO Angela

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