Kuala Lumpur | Heli Pad Lounge Best Rooftop View

Kuala Lumpur | Heli Pad Lounge Best Rooftop View

When it comes to sunset sessions in Kuala Lumpur, the one spot I recommend time and again to anyone visiting the city is the very unique and cool Heli Pad Lounge.  I’ve been a few times now and always marvel at just how gorgeous the view is there.  While some bars claim to be rooftop experiences, this one truly is … because it’s literally setup each night atop one of five functioning helipads in KL.  There’s a diverse menu of upscale bar food and cocktails and a bottles list that gets the job done right!

Tips for Heli Pad Lounge

  • Arrive 20 minutes before sunset, which is just enough time to walk up top  and settle in before the Instagramming begins 🙂
  • Don’t wear shorts unless you’re only planning on a quickie visit, they aren’t allowed after 9pm.
  • Given that Heli Pad Lounge has one of the best — if not THE BEST — sunset view of KL from a bar, it’s easy to understand that it attracts a daily revolving door of visitors to KL.  Many of whom are not looking for a posh lounge to chillout at but who simply heard about the location and want to quickly snap a photo.  Which is exactly the same problem Marina Bay Sands and other hotspots have.  People often pretend to want a table or say they’ll be ordering a few drinks, etc but then they sneak out.  It is my guess that this was such a recurring theme that now there’s a RM100/pp minimum spend for a table and to go upstairs at all you’ll need to first have a drink downstairs.

PRO TIP >> The RM100 minimum spend rule can have the negative consequence of making the staff sometimes come off as more focused on sales than service sadly.  But there is a runaround to it luckily.  Book a table in advance and pre-order your first bottle.  And when you enter, tell them you only wish to go straight up and do not wish to start at the downstairs (indoor) bar.  If you don’t pre-order the bottle, the staff will insist that you order a drink downstairs before being allowed up.  And trust me on this one, that’ll be counterproductive since the #1 reason you’ll go there is for the helipad experience and the view.  Doing it any other way just kills the vibe for me personally.

Connect with Heli Pad Lounge KL

  • Opens at 5pm and closes on weekends at 3am (during the week at midnight)
  • Location: Level 37 of the Menara KH building on Jalan Sultan Ismail
  • Call days in advance to make a reservation on +60321105034
  • Be sure to follow them on Facebook
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