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Horizon Fast Ferry Business & VIP Class | Singapore to Batam Round Trip

Horizon Fast Ferry Business & VIP Class | Singapore to Batam Round Trip

It’s all about the small touches for business and VIP class at Horizon Fast Ferry and you’re going to love it! Come along with me in both business class from Singapore’s Harbour Front ferry terminal to Batam’s Harbour Bay terminal, then back again in a private VIP room. I added on the 4G unlimited mobile WIFI on Batam and will share how that experience was (you can connect up to 5 devices and it’s super cheap!). And I’ll take you into the business class lounge and show you the bonus they give to business class travellers beyond just snacks and water!

The mobile WIFI rental is only S$7 / $5 USD per day and you get unlimited 4G that’s speedy and secure

Contact Horizon Fast Ferry

  • For more information, visit their website or check out their Facebook page for special promotions
  • To make a VIP or Business Class booking or to rent the 4G WIFI device, simply go to their website, it’s very convenient!
Angela Carson
Angela Carson

I am Angela, a location independent single mom from California (AngelaCarson on YouTube). At 21, I dropped out of uni to travel Mexico solo. I’ve explored 37 countries, living in Spain and India with my daughter, then China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and currently Indonesia as an empty nester. For more, check out the About Me page.

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