Charming Smokehouse Hotel Has Cameron Highlands’ Best Garden

Charming Smokehouse Hotel Has Cameron Highlands’ Best Garden

When I posted my check in at Smokehouse Hotel on Facebook, I was amazed to learn that three of my friends (a Spaniard, a Brit, and a German) had also stayed there during the past 30 years.  All three loved it and have wonderful memories of their time there … just like I do now.  Built in the 1930s in traditional British country home style, Smokehouse has the #1 best gardens of any hotel in all of Cameron Highlands.  In fact, during my stay countless people came to enjoy afternoon tea simply to sit in the pretty gardens and go crazy on Instagram.

Why You’ll Love Smokehouse Hotel

  • The Rooms!  I was on the 1st floor in Squire and my suite was wildly large, homey, and with a view of green foothills that touched bright blue skies.  Over the years it has been featured in Elle, Vogue, and countless other magazines around the world.  There’s a new building at Smokehouse so take my advice and ONLY book into the main house, that’s where the true charm of the property lies.
  • The Garden!  Honestly, I’ve never spent so much time outdoors at a non-beach resort like I did at Smokehouse Hotel.  The gardens are the prettiest I’ve seen in ages and completely reminiscent of something out of Alice in Wonderland!  I dined outside for lunch twice and enjoyed afternoon tea there as well, always in a different spot.
  • High Tea!  Afternoon tea at Smokehouse is a simple affair, comprised of a truly lovely setting with a pot of tea + homemade, fresh scones with jams and whipped cream.  It’s definitely a must!
  • The Bar!  Sipping wine with a raging fire at your feet is just the ticket when it cools down across the hills of the Cameron Highlands.  The bartender is a lovely chap who can whip up mean cocktails and tell a good story to boot!
  • The Night Market is Near!  Definitely plan your stay over a weekend because the Cameron Highlands Night Market is just a short walk from the hotel.  I had such good fun eating, shopping, and exploring there, do check out my Pasar Malam video.

My biggest complaints were not having a safe in the room, which was something I hadn’t expected (and honestly, if anything ever happened to my external hard drive I’d be in trouble so I ended up carrying it around with me everywhere).  Second, generally speaking I wasn’t a fan of the food as it was too hit-or-miss (although I would highly recommend their pate and scones at High Tea).  Smokehouse takes dishes and deconstructs them or puts a twist on them instead of making them from the highest quality ingredients in a traditional manner.  For example, the beef Wellington was prepared with a rolled up steak instead of a single cut of tenderloin.  If you haven’t spent time in the UK you won’t know the difference though, and I could see it was quite a popular spot.

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Connect With Smokehouse Hotel

There’s no website so you’ll want to book online via a 3rd party site like Booking or Agoda. Then be sure to like their Facebook page for a fun stream of updates from the family-run Smokehouse Hotel and the surrounding Cameron Highlands area.  I would suggest that Facebook is also the best place to message them with questions you may have or for special requests.

XOXO Angela

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