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Enfin by James Won | New Degustation Dinner & Wine Pairing Menu

Enfin by James Won | New Degustation Dinner & Wine Pairing Menu

My very first degustation dinner with wine pairing at Enfin by James Won became one of my top three meals of 2016 … beating out a Michelin experience in Singapore and many others.  Almost a year on, Enfin continues to be one of my favourite fine dining / modern French restaurants in Asia.  Their new 3-, 5-, and 7-Course Degustation Dinner Menu has just launched and I am proud to be amongst the first to review it.   The dishes have an air of simplification to them.  There’s a bit of cheeky playfulness and fun added to the amuse bouche course.  And I think you’ll find that there is quite a lot that is new and special, all of which I’ve tried to share in my latest video:

Why You’ll Love Enfin by James Won

  • Au Bon Beurre Butter!  Okay, I’ve mentioned butter in past reviews because they were churning their own and I loved it.  However, that wasn’t good enough for Chef James. He has started flying in Au Bon Beurre butter from France, the most exclusive and premium butter on the planet.  I was there the night they started serving it and it is creamy, salty goodness and deserves all the hubbub and fanfare its reputation boasts, trust me on this one.  It’s the best butter I’ve eaten in my life.
  • Creative & Delicious Dishes!  Whether you’re vegetarian or a full-blown carnivore, you’ll find it hard to pick from the diverse array of mouth-watering menu items.  They’ve really outdone themselves with the new menu.  Trust me and order the poached fresh fish of the day, it’s truly memorable.
  • House Fermented Rice Wine!  They’ve launched a new apéritif inspired by ancient Bornean wine that is smooth and truly delicious. It is presented and poured at the table with a choice of 10 bitters to compliment it and served with a sprig of rosemary to give it an extra kick of something special.
  • It’s Instagram-Fabulous!  Not only has the team who designed Enfin won awards for their work but Enfin itself is starting to pop up on lists of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.  From the golden cave-like entrance and spiral staircase to the pretty outdoor garden, you’ll be in Instagram heaven at Enfin 🙂

The New Menu


XOXO Angela

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Angela Carson

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