Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay: Perfect Escape to Pamper Body & Soul

Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay: Perfect Escape to Pamper Body & Soul

If you’re looking to escape to Bali to recharge your body and soul, then Four Seasons Bali is the ideal 5 star hotel experience for you.  This lovely all-villas property is nestled in the stunning landscape of Jimbaran Bay, with a white sandy beach and a rugged cliff that makes every single photo worthy of a magazine cover.

On my recent trip to Four Seasons Bali I spent a day playing in the sun, pampering my body at the spa and fitness centre, and enjoying some truly decadent (and healthy) food.  I even took their mixology class and finally learned how to make a passion fruit martini … my new favourite drink on the planet since I discovered it during my first trip to Bali in 2014.  Next trip I hope to experience one of their fabulous villas but for now check out the video from my delightful day making cocktails, gobbling up yummy food, and relaxing beachside in Bali >>

Why You’ll Love Four Seasons Bali

If the pictures don’t speak for themselves, then how about this short but sweet list of my favourites:

  1. For me, watching the sunset behind the cliff while sipping cocktails and listening to live music was one of my favourite memories from that trip to Bali…don’t miss it!
  2. The landscape is truly remarkable, and the property has been perfectly designed to showcase the natural beauty of Jimbaran Bay
  3. There is something to be said about a single concept kitchen offering up six unique experiences for dining. Each one is special, each one is divine…and I was lucky enough to experience three of them – lunch in the main dining room, the sundown’r session on the deck and some treats in the bar at the end of the night.
  4. Both the spa and the fitness centre are presided over by truly gifted professionals with a passion for what they do

Fabulous For Foodies

It’s hot in Bali, pretty much all year round, and the Four Seasons knows it. Aussie Executive Chef Pasquo King has created a menu that is light, fresh, and inspired from the most signature of dishes from all around the world. India, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and of course Bali…there is something delicious for every palette.

Here’s what I loved best:

  • Blue Fin Tartar Crisps – edamame, nam jim dressing, peanuts, lime and crackers … piled high with spicy, sashimi-grade Blue Fin tuna. Absolutely yummy!
  • Sang Choy Bao – iceberg cups with a generous bowl of minced pork, lime, and water chestnuts along with a serving of crispy vermicelli
  • Moules Mariniere – fresh muscles with chilli and Balinese lime, served with crusty baguette

Pamper The Body

From ocean-front yoga to meditation and spa rituals inspired by Balinese healing, it’s time to take time out.

If you’re looking for a 5-star yoga retreat in Bali, then look no further.  From anti-gravity, sunset and nighttime fireside yoga, to Hatha, Surya Namaskar, Yin, and Sushumna meditation … they’ve got you covered in style.  Check out their list of classes here.

The spa offers up a diverse and extensive menu that will keep you coming back day after day to pamper yourself.  I was promised skin that would glow for week following my facial and they definitely delivered that.  You can see the difference in my skin from the pics and video of me doing yoga, which was pre-spa time, to the shots of me during the mixology class sipping passion fruit martinis.

Sundown Session

Okay I might be making up that name but for me that’s what it was. As soon as the sun started to set the beachside deck filled up, the fire pits were lit, and the acoustic guitarist and singer took centre stage to entertain us all. It was pretty awesome to watch the sun set, in colours of soft orange and pink, with a cocktail in hand and tapas by my side.

What I loved best:

  • Duck & Chicken Liver Parfait – with tomato chutney, house pickle and fresh toasted bread
  • Crab & Coconut (prepared at the table!) – with Asian herbs, grated coconut, and lime palm sugar dressing
  • Crispy Pork Belly – serviced with a chilli lime caramel, purplke bok choy, and papaya salad

Connect with Four Seasons Bali

Whether you go for the view or the amazing quality of service at Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay you’ll be in heaven.  It’s a wonderful property located on 14 hectares of  the most picturesque Balinese coastline imaginable.

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XOXO Angela

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