Romance & Luxury at Cameron Highlands Resort

Romance & Luxury at Cameron Highlands Resort

Cameron Highlands Resort has the reputation of being the definitive 5 star luxury hotel in the region and the rumours turned out to be wonderfully spot on!  For me, it was my first stop on an 11-day road trip within Cameron Highlands that included five hotel reviews, exploring night markets, and searching for the best high tea in the hills.  While there are special details I loved at the other properties, this YTL Hotels resort ticked almost every box for what I consider essential for a perfect stay. I was able to relax, unwind, dine in style, and feel pampered to a legendary degree every moment of my time there.

Why You’ll Love Cameron Highlands Resort

  • It’s Wonderfully Charming! From the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll be welcomed by impeccably dressed staff with beaming smiles.  They alone make the stay memorable.  Yet when you add to that the architecture and Colonial charm of the place, it makes you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time and into a very decadent period of old world grace.
  • The Spa Village!  Oh heavens, the spa!  I booked in for a two hour treatment and three hours later I emerged as jello.  From the tea and rose bath to the body scrub and massage, the Rose Garden treatment is top notch and I almost couldn’t fault a single thing (something unusual for me after almost 75 spa reviews).
  • Their Culinary Offering!  There’s a fine dining restaurant, an elegantly chilled lounge, a bar with billiards, and even a steamboat restaurant set amongst a bamboo garden.  I dined in during my entire stay and my favourites were the chicken pie in the lounge and the oh-my-GAWD tomato soup with flakey crust in The Dining Room.  Seriously, I ordered that soup both nights!  It is deeeee-lish!
  • Afternoon Tea!  Homemade scones, wildly rich whipped cream, savoury and sweet snacks, and premium tea … all served traditionally in a beautiful setting.  And at only 80 Ringgits per couple, it’s an absolute must.

It’s an older hotel and you have to go into it knowing that.  I think they need to replace the balcony doors with modern ones that keep the noise out personally, so I was grateful to have earplugs with me.  Ohhhh and be sure to bring warm pijamas and warm clothes, I froze my buns off there but it was because I hadn’t realised the climate difference and hadn’t packed properly.  Once the sun goes down, so does any warmth in the air 😉

Connect With Cameron Highlands Resort

I highly recommend booking directly from their website to enjoy some pretty awesome benefits.  I’m guessing they change their offer from time to time but right now if you book directly from you will have a complimentary massage during your stay.  Trust me when I say that you’ll be spending time in the spa so having a massage added on is only going to enhance your stay!

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