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Hotel Tour | Stunning Marina Mandarin’s Iconic View of Singapore

Hotel Tour | Stunning Marina Mandarin’s Iconic View of Singapore

When it comes to Marina Mandarin Singapore by Meritus, you definitely can’t judge a book by its cover.  The outside of the building is unassuming, leaving us insanely unprepared for the jaw-dropping awe you’ll experience stepping through into the beating heart of this lovely property.  If you’re lucky enough to arrive during the day, you’ll be greeted by songbirds whose tunes echo throughout the hotel because all 21 floors open onto an immense atrium.  The staff are friendly and charmingly dressed, the rooms are large, and if you can’t imagine staying in Singapore and not having the best view … well, you’re in luck because Club Rooms like mine come with a balcony and that iconic view of Marina Bay.

TIP: Hit the 4th floor lounge after happy hour for lovely live music!  Ohhh and try the laksa, it was my favourite dish from my stay 🙂

Why You’ll Love Marina Mandarin Singapore

  • Dim Sum Lunch at Peach Blossoms – the restaurant serves up some of the most diverse and inventive dim sum dishes that I’ve seen in Singapore.  There’s a set all-inclusive menu and an à la carte menu with some really interesting extras like lobster and foie.  OHHH and my favourite part is that they serve bottles of Champagne and have a fab list of sakes and wines, which is not common at most dim sum lunch hotspots.
  • The Views!  Come on, we all want that stunning skyline view of Singapore and Marina Mandarin has the best view of Marina Bay Sands and the areas around it, including the ferris wheel.  Just wait ’til you see it at night.
  • Meritus Club Lounge – I’ve been a huge fan of Meritus Club since I first stayed at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort on Langkawi last year but Marina Mandarin really stands out.  They basically won my heart by serving G.H. Mumm champagne and some of the most interesting cheeses during the Club’s happy hour!

Video Tour with entertainment fun in the 4th floor Lounge + the connected shopping mall >>

The sound of the birds singing their most beautiful songs is what I still remember most from my stay.  It was positively enchanting and something you don’t expect from an ‘urban jungle’ hotel.  They are lovingly brought out in the morning and then tucked away again in the late afternoon, it’s perfect.

Room & Yummy Food Pics!

Connect With Marina Mandarin Singapore

I stayed at Marina Mandarin the night before my Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas cruise and it was perfect!  The drive to the ship only took a few minutes and I slept like a baby.

XOXO Angela

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