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Majestic Fast Ferry VIP Cabin to Batam & Singapore

Majestic Fast Ferry VIP Cabin to Batam & Singapore

Welcome aboard Majestic Fast Ferry, the ferry company with the newest and coolest VIP cabins for your Singapore to Batam travels. I’ll take you back and forth from Sekupang to HarbourFront with me and we’ll tour the VIP Cabin features inside and out. You can control everything inside the cabins, like the window blinds, reclining chairs, and the TV (they are the only luxury ferry company running the SG-Batam route to allow that inside the VIP cabin). It even comes with a magazine, tray table, water and charging station.

Majestic Fast Ferry travels in and out of Batam Centre and Sekupang ferry terminals and also goes into Bintan’s Tanjung Pinang for anyone heading that way.

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Angela Carson
Angela Carson

I am Angela, a location independent single mom from California (AngelaCarson on YouTube). At 21, I dropped out of uni to travel Mexico solo. I’ve explored 37 countries, living in Spain and India with my daughter, then China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and currently Indonesia as an empty nester. For more, check out the About Me page.

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