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Luxury Bus Singapore to Kuala Lumpur | Transtar Solitaire Suite

Luxury Bus Singapore to Kuala Lumpur | Transtar Solitaire Suite

The luxury VIP Transtar Solitaire Suite bus is the #1 most pampering coach for travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and back again. Come along as I experience this luxury bus for the first time (in fact, it’s my first-ever luxury bus ever!). Each “suite” has wifi, a charging station, personal entertainment, massage chair, and deeply reclining seats. There’s also an attendant on board who serves snacks, a meal, a cosy blanket, and water throughout the journey.

NOTE >> be sure to read up the laws for taking wine and cigarettes across the border by land, they are VERY DIFFERENT to flying. I ended up losing a nice bottle of wine I had taken for a special occasion.

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Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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