Best Langkawi Island Jet Ski Ride with Naam Adventure

Best Langkawi Island Jet Ski Ride with Naam Adventure

When I looked out from the balcony of our hotel room and saw the Naam Adventure logo flying over bright yellow jet skis just a mere 20 metres away I was IN!  Last time I was on Langkawi I was alone but had booked a sunset dinner cruise with Naam just the same and it turned out to be SO much fun, I’d basically be game for anything Naam has to offer.  This time I was with a mate so I could happily go a bit crazy, so jet skis it was!  And as luck would have it, we were staying at Meritus Pelangi Beach where Naam keeps a private yellow buggy to take you in VIP style to the beach from anywhere on the resort, it’s truly amazing service!

It’s a definitely a fun adventure for families and couples … and hand-on-my-heart I promise that it’s a hangover cure!

For just 215 Ringgits, we enjoyed a half an hour rush of pure adrenaline.  My mate and I took turns and one of us even (accidentally) threw the other one off, check it out!

For more information or to book a time to ride these fabulously fun jet skis (or go on a sunset cruise, or parasail, or any of the other fun water sport activities they offer), visit the Naam Adventure website.  And be sure to like them on Facebook and follow their Instagram account.

XOXO Angela

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