Avillion Port Dickson Gorgeous VIP Lounge & Foodie-Fabulous Hotel

Avillion Port Dickson Gorgeous VIP Lounge & Foodie-Fabulous Hotel

If a relaxed, sexy lounge club married a traditional Malaysian overwater hotel, their love child would be the stunning and truly special Avillion Port Dickson!  Walking onto a property that showcases a grand and traditional entrance still makes me go wide-eyed in delight … and that feeling followed me all around this wonderful 5 star fusion gem my entire 3-day stay.  Add to that the high quality and passion I felt in their food and in their VIP executive lounge and it was the perfect recipe for an absolutely pampering seaside luxury escape.

Why You’ll Love The Avillion

  • VIP Lounge!  Villa and premium room guests have access to Avi Lounge, the sexiest lounge I’ve been in so far in Malaysia (really, it even won the prestigious Asia Pacific Interior Design Award (APIDA) when it opened).  It felt like a cross between a modern Ibiza chillout space and an Aussie beach house … modern and relaxed and the perfect place to unwind, sip perfectly chilled wine, and watch the sunset over the Straight of Malacca.
  • The Food!  There are 4 diverse restaurants at The Avillion and while they all looked great, I ended up at The Verte both nights for dinner because the vibe and the music suited my style best.  I tried one of their savoury pies on night one and it was dee-lish!  They offer up tapas and sharing plates there so night two the chef whipped up three of their sharing plates, which you’ll see in the video were all perfectly prepared and plated in a way that was confident and unpretentious (my favourite style!).
  • The View!  I spent so much time on my balcony that I fell asleep there on night one, waking up at 2am without a single mosquito bite I’m happy to report.  The tide comes in and out and it was quite fun to be there mid-day to watch local fisherman walk out onto small islands during low tide to fish.
  • The Spa!  Taking a bath with the waves crashing just to your side is not something you can experience at every spa so don’t miss the chance to spend time at Avi Spa.  I really enjoyed my massage and ended up lounging in their post-treatment area for ages, I honestly didn’t want to leave.
  • The Villas!  To have access to the lounge you definitely want to book into a villa or premium room.  Their interiors are simple and traditional and it’s a lovely change for those of us who live in modern condos here in KL.  The bathrooms are outdoors with an open ceiling, making a shower under the stars or blue sky a fun twist in a normally routine moment in our day.

While the lounge and spa are newer renovations, you’ll want to keep in the mind that the villas and rooms are not so there are scuffs and wear that you may need to ignore throughout.  I really enjoyed the feel and energy of my room and spend oodles of time on the balcony so I didn’t mind it too much.  Oh and bring ear plugs because the windows are the originals as well and that means they are not insulated or noise-proof.

Connect With The Avillion Port Dickson

With an adult-only pool and its romantic sunsets, The Avillion is a perfect place for a couples escape.  It also looks really fun for families with its petting zoo, family pool, fun activities, and the fishing you can do from your own balcony!

XOXO Angela

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