Why I Trust Toni & Guy Kuala Lumpur at Troika More Than Any Other Salon

Why I Trust Toni & Guy Kuala Lumpur at Troika More Than Any Other Salon

When I say that I trust Toni & Guy Kuala Lumpur “more than any salon” I don’t simply mean more than any salon HERE.  Although, that is true, too!  The first salon that was recommended to me here in KL was NOT for me and I walked out before the stylist could start on me.  Between the kids toys at the front of the salon, the stylists wearing matching uniforms, and that there was no wine or nicely presented teas (which I know sounds odd if that’s not what you’re used to) .. it simply wasn’t a fit for me. 

I look at my salon time as “me time” and there’s no way that a kid-friendly salon is going to relax me.  Since arriving to Kuala Lumpur in 2016, I bounced unhappily first from a salon in Mont Kiara, then downtown, before finally – blissfully and happily – landing at Toni & Guy Troika.  It’s under the capable and caring hands of Matt Mack, who was T&G’s colour director for 10 years.  He worked out of the London head office but was responsible for colour education and training across the E.U.

Basically, Matt is crazy hella-qualified … and a really kind and nice guy with a big personality.  He always has a warm smile and out-of-the-blue stories to tell that range from today’s news to the old days in London.   His team of lead stylists (who have also taken care of me there) are also warm and wonderful to chat with … and do amazing work, day in and day out.

Why I Trust Toni & Guy Kuala Lumpur

When I showed up at their door, the salon I had been going to in KL had literally fried off almost half of my head of hair during my most recent highlights visit.  There were actual bald spots and chunks of hair simply missing.  What I did have was bleached so severely that it was colourless – which I will say was not their fault but the salon before them (and the reason I had changed salons). 

From Day 1 they gave it to me straight.  I shared that my goal was to have my own natural hair with highlights again.  I was told that it was going to be a long road and take us at least ONE YEAR to get me there.  It’s been over a year and sadly my hair grows so insanely slow that it’s going to take another six months!  But that’s not the salon’s miscalculation nor is it their fault.  On a normal head of hair as short as mine I’m sure one year would have been enough. 

Click HERE to watch the videos I’ve shot from my 1st appointment to a few months ago. I’ve stopped posting progress videos because they started feeling repetitive but I’ll start again soon since we’re close to the end now 🙂

The fact that I’ve never been pushed to set an appointment every six weeks as I’ve done since my mid-30s when I first started getting highlights says a lot.  They’re not in it for the buck but for us, the client.  I also love that a swirl of products aren’t pushed on me.  In past salons they would try to sell me something “new” on every visit.  With Toni & Guy I’m pushed to buy a protective hair dryer/iron cream and that’s about it.  Everything else I inquire about myself.  And that in-and-of-itself is a refreshing change.

Final thoughts…

I wear my hair up all the time now because I hate the final tail end of this re-growth period.  It’s two-toned and there isn’t anything we can safely do about it.  And sadly I don’t have the guts to just chop it off and start fresh with a cute pixie cut.  Mostly because I sweat so much that I figure on my YouTube videos it’s better to have slicked back hair than super short hair half matted down to my head and hair blowing int he breeze haha 

I’ve promised myself that once this period is over and I can proudly wear my hair down that I will never let it be damaged like this again.  Because I’m never leaving Toni & Guy Kuala Lumpur again!   Shit, well I guess that is until I move again … and this whole process begins again!  #expatlife  #champagneproblems

Contact Toni&Guy Kuala Lumpur @ Troika

To make an appointment, do what I do and whatsapp them on +60176135991 – OR – send a message on their Facebook page, shoot them an email at [email protected], or simply ring them up on +60 03 2168 8802.

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