Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Car & Driver Transfer with Daytrip

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Car & Driver Transfer with Daytrip

I’ve travelled between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore by air four or five times. For such a short trip, it always takes soooo long! So it was a fabulous discovery to come across Daytrip, a new transfer service in Southeast Asia. Daytrip (mydaytrip.com) offers door-to-door car and driver service with a twist. Instead of just going from point A to point B, with Daytrip you stop and explore one or more amazing sights along the way. I went from my condo in KLCC to the pretty Putra Mosque and on to Singapore’s Harbour Front terminal to catch a ferry to Batam, Indonesia.

Saying “WOW was I missing out” doesn’t even begin to cover it when it comes to the difference in door-to-door transfer service compared to flying.

Why You’ll Love Daytrip’s KL to Singapore Transfer

  • Driver’s Are Amazing! They all speak English well and their vehicles are equipped with wifi and (in my case) Bluetooth hookups so I could listen to my own Spotify playlists during the drive.
  • It’s Stress Free! It takes all the physical stress out of international travel. Normally I’m so sore the first days of a trip from lugging around my hand-carry bags through immigration checks and the airport.
  • You’ll Explore! The selection of sights you can stop to see is spot on, covering a nature spot, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a mosque and temple, and much more!
  • The Drive Is Lovely! You’ll pass through the lush green hills of South Malaysia, cross the bridge connecting Singapore, and it’s beautiful.
  • Everything is Online! From the booking, to their impressive documentation & email confirmations … it’s all user-friendly and designed for maximum convenience. You’ll even receive your driver’s mobile number and photo days in advance in case you want to reach out to him or her.

Pro TIP! If you have a flight or ferry to catch like I did, reach out to your driver in advance and confirm that you’ve selected the right departure time. I hadn’t done the match right so reaching out to my driver Kesh saved me some serious stress 🙂

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