Kuala Lumpur Emergency Root Canal at Pristine Dental Centre

Kuala Lumpur Emergency Root Canal at Pristine Dental Centre

If you’re looking for the best dental clinic in Kuala Lumpur, come with me! When a filling I’ve had for decades suddenly fell out while I was eating recently, I asked a few friends for recommendations on where to go for an emergency dental visit in Kuala Lumpur. Pristine Dental Centre was recommended to me by someone I trust and I’m so glad they did. Not only did I lose a filling but that tooth needed a root canal. Everything was done quickly, and precisely, and I never felt any discomfort or pain. They dentists are skilled and friendly and the office is techie and inviting. Now that my emergency lost filling and root canal are done, I’ve started doing something I’ve wanted to do for years …. whiten my teeth (that review is coming soon).

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I worked for a dentist when I was 18 and an orthodontist when I was 30 so I feel confident reviewing dental services … and I have only good things to say about Pristine. From the cool sunglasses they put on me to block the overhead light, the painless treatments by Dr. Sangeetha, how they gave me an appointment so quickly, to the kind post-op check-ins via whatsapp to ensure I was okay and not in pain … it’s was all positive.

Pristine Dental Centre

  • Location: Mid Valley Megamall, South Entrance, 2nd level next to Popular bookstore
  • To make an appointment or for more information, call them on +600322873782 or ping on Whatsapp here: +60143263546
  • Visit Pristine’s website for more information
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