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Kuala Lumpur Mingle Party at Bottega

Kuala Lumpur Mingle Party at Bottega

There’s something special about a place that can keep a party going since November 2014. It only happens once a month, on the last Saturday, and the Bottega Mingle is the coolest day-drinking party in Kuala Lumpur! It kicks off at 2pm with wine and dee-lish food made by a family of chefs and restauranteurs from Italy. Guests have assigned tables and a non-stop flow of food is hand-passed by friendly staff. Then around 5pm the party changes gear, the music starts to pound just a bit more, and literally everyone starts to dance. It’s like a wild house party with all your friends but with none of the clean up, check it out!

Bottega Mingle | Kuala Lumpur

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

I am Angela, a location independent single mom from California (AngelaCarson on YouTube). At 21, I dropped out of uni to travel Mexico solo. I’ve explored 37 countries, living in Spain and India with my daughter, then China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and currently Indonesia as an empty nester. For more, check out the About Me page.

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