Crab Factory Kuala Lumpur, Best New Orleans Style Seafood Restaurant (4K Video Review)

Crab Factory Kuala Lumpur, Best New Orleans Style Seafood Restaurant (4K Video Review)

Okay yes, this is one restaurant that technically doesn’t fall within the luxury space but with its rock lobster, king crabs, and succulent scallops, it’s a culinary and dining experience you should try, regardless of category!  My friend TY owns Crab Factory in Petaling Jaya and she has the best New Orlean’s style fresh seafood restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.  Check out my video, complete with bloopers, moments when I can’t swallow or function because of the spicy Death Valley Sauce, and so much more!

2 New Sauces To Try

  • 1st there’s the new salted egg yolk sauce, which is mild and wonderfully flavourful.  It made a nice break every once in a while from the ridiculously, wonderfully, spicy sauces that I crave when I’m there.
  • 2nd is the gooey, decadent cheese sauce you can add to the classic sauces at Crab Factory.  This one works really well to calm down a bit of the spice or to make a sauce more thick and rich.

Here’s my blog post and video from last year, when I spent my birthday at Crab Factory with Maria Tunku Sabri and a few of the lovely female TV presenters from TV3.

Connect with Crab Factory

This visit was every bit as good as the last time I was there, if not better, because of the two new sauces to try out.  They have some of the freshest and tastiest seafood in KL, and you can even bring your wine or champagne as they have a very reasonable corkage fee.  Their menu is diverse and 100% delicious and the staff are super friendly.

My Vlogging Kit

This is the first video I’ve shot in 4K and you can see I still have a ton of improving to do but it felt good to see the clarity in so many of the closeup shots, like nothing I’ve ever captured.

Here’s the anatomy of my video:

  • Intro shots of me + all food + interiors: shot on my LEICA V-LUX from YL Camera Malaysia
  • Selfie moments eating: shot on my iPhone
  • Music:

XOXO Angela

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