Kuala Lumpur Airport FastTrack BEST Departure Service EVER

Kuala Lumpur Airport FastTrack BEST Departure Service EVER

Arrive just a little over and hour to KLIA or KLIA2 and be FastTrack’d through the airport, flight check-in, immigration, and even have time for breakfast served in a private lounge. That’s what I just reviewed and my mind is seriously blown! By combining a transfer from KLCC with Grab Premium, an overnight stay in the very pampering Sama Sama hotel at KLIA, and FastTrack service …. early morning flights are no longer a thing to dread. Check it out!

KLIA FastTrack Insider Tips

Grab Premium is Cheapest Luxury Airport Transfer

For the most affordable luxury transfer from KL to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, take Grab Premium. You’ll be driven by one of the top ranking Grab drivers in a comfy luxury vehicle. It’s a fixed rate, so even in traffic you’ll pay only RM 150 + tolls (which total around 9 Ringgit). They are the best and cheapest airport transfer in town and super dependable. Download the app for iOS or Android.

Sama Sama Hotel at KLIA Gives Sweet Dreams

What a time saver it was to already be at the airport when I woke up! I’ll share a full review and tour of Sama Sama soon but just know you’ll be in good hands in this 5-star hotel. Book an executive room for access to their Club Lounge. Enjoy dinner and drinks at one of their fab restaurants or bars. The spa is open until 10pm so pre-book a massage for after dinner. And there’s even a swimming pool. But the best part …. they are the only FastTrack partner to manage the process 100%, from the moment you check-out in the morning until you are inside your boarding gate. For more information or to make a reservation, visit their website.

Airport FastTrack KLIA is #1 Best Service Ever, Ever, Ever!

The official description of FastTrack is this, “Airport FastTrack@KLIA provides seamless end-to-end service to guests who are first met and greeted at the kerbside and brought to the Lounge on a buggy. The service includes check-in process that is facilitated by the airline’s staff, with guests brought through fast-track security, immigration, and customs lanes.” BUT what I can tell you is I’ve flown on around 300 flights and this was the #1 single most BEST departure experience of my LIFE. Well, aside from those cute & tiny airports, or private airports, where it’s impossible to not be an easy departure.

FastTrack is available for departures and arrivals, and you can also book it as a super VIP door-to-door service from KLCC (min 5 people) 

At just RM 230 it’s crazy cheap for the level of chill and convenience it provides. It’s seriously the best service for departing KLIA and never breaking a sweat, visit their website for all the fabulous details! 

I’m pretty sure I’m ruined for life now, and that every flight I take from here on out will feel like I’ve gone from First Class to Economy (or fine dining to take out, or couture to off-the-rack, or Champagne to beer … you get the picture!).  I absolutely recommend this combo for your future flights so please trust me on this one and give it a go.

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