Hotel Tugu Lombok Beachfront Villas – Disconnect in Luxurious Style

Hotel Tugu Lombok Beachfront Villas – Disconnect in Luxurious Style

If you want all of the luxury of a decadent 5-star beachfront property and prefer to surround yourself with history and local style rather than holiday in a shiny, modern resort, then you’ve found your home away from home at Hotel Tugu Lombok.  I’ve been a fan of the brand since I stayed at their Canggu Beach property but I fell in love with Tugu all over again from the moment I arrived on the Bluewater Express ferry at Teluk Kode and saw Budi, their friendly driver, waiting to ensure that our ‘Tugu experience’ started the moment our feet hit dry land.  

The property is paradise, ideally situated on some of the most virgin, pristine white beaches on the northwest coast of Lombok.  Room 104 is large and lovely, with direct access to the beach from the private oceanfront garden just off the bedroom.  You’ll see in the video, it feels as though you’ve stepped back in time thanks to the owner’s passion for antiquities and for sharing the local culture with us guests:  

Why You’ll Love Hotel Tugu Lombok

  • The old-world charm of the property mixed with the 5-star quality of the service makes for the absolute perfect romantic escape from the world.
  • The staff will setup your meals somewhere special every single time if you let them!  From an oceanfront bed or gazebo, to a quaint table for two on the sand or even in your garden … you can stay tucked away in your romantic bubble the entire trip.
  • A midnight swim in the Indian Ocean is a memory to last a lifetime.  Having a private oceanfront villa makes that possible every single night.
  • Their bar staff takes mixology classes, making happy hour and ‘nightcaps’ something of an event, and definitely something to look forward to.  Don’t miss their Javanese tea martini, it was my favourite!!
  • Their private car and driver tours of Lombok are unbeatable.  Our driver was a local from Lobok named Budi who has been with Tugu for ages.  Having someone from the island recount its history and share insider information made it a truly special experience.

Heavenly Private Villas on the Beach

I stayed in the Bhagavat Gita Oceanfront Suites and wouldn’t recommend any other room, I swear.  Although it is called a suite, for me it was more like a 1 bedroom villa than a suite.  Absolutely large, with a high thatched roof, expansive bathroom complete with a bathtub carved from boulders, two large gardens, a private splash pool with an ocean view … and direct access to the sand and Indian Ocean.

The design of the room is reminiscent of the colonial days, with that iconic Tugu splash of antiquities and art to give it a real Javanese feel.  You have your own lotus pond in the entry garden and an oversized covered bed in the oceanfront garden, perfect for watching the sunrise with coffee in hand … or the sunset with a glass of wine.

Romantic Sunsets at Tugu

I don’t think there is much I even need to say here because the photos below say it all.  But here are my tips for enjoying one of the most memorable romantics moments of your life:

  1. Absolutely ask the staff to arrange a happy hour bar and romantic dinner setup on the beach for you as often as you can!  Having a private bar setup for us made the experience incredibly more special for some reason, check it out in the pics below.
  2. Pre-plan your cocktail choices!  They’ll setup and stock the bar up just for you, so by pre-planing you’ll help them be 100% prepared to serve you just what your heart desires in luxurious style.  I asked for three different cocktails the first time, and they shook a bloody mary (with a tomato garnish fire-roasted right in front of us), a piña colada, and one of their cocktails that is only available at Tugu (because it uses an indigenous ginger root only found on Lombok) called a sasakina.  The second time (as part of the Moonlight Spa Dinner), we requested only the Javanese gin martinis and a bottle of sparkling wine but we didn’t have the bar and I missed it.
  3. Bring (or wear) your swimming costume.  Once dinner is done and you’ve relaxed a bit, there is something magical about slipping down from the sand into the Indian Ocean for a romantic swim under the stars.  Honestly, it was one of the highlights of my trip, although I still can’t explain why really 🙂

Food & Drinks

From hella-strong and delicious morning iced lattes, decadent meals, and impressive cocktails, Tugu has you covered.  On the food front, I tend to flip between craving healthy salads to wanting to explore hearty regional or ‘signature’ specialities, and the culinary team kept me happy with truly exquisite — and artfully prepared — dishes throughout my entire stay.

Where I was most HAPPILY surprised was on the cocktails and wine front.  To start, they have a walk-in climate-controlled wine cellar, which isn’t something you see everyday in Indonesia.  Add to that their new mixology menu, and I was in heaven!

I shared with their team that I only drink natural cocktails (nothing blue, if you get my meaning), and that my favourite martini of the past two years is an oolong tea infused Tanqueray martini made by a mixologist in Taipei.  After hearing that, they surprised me with one of their new menu items … a Javanese tea infused gin martini!!  Garnished with tea on the outside of the glass and with an anise seed atop a single, large ice cube, it was delicious, I swear I drank more of those than anything else!

Moonlight Spa Dinner

What a memorable night!  It all starts at 6pm with a side-by-side couples massage.  For an hour, you’ll hear soft Balinese music mixed with the sound of the waves on the shore.  You’ll feel the breeze from the ocean touch your skin as a skilled therapist works her magic, leaving you in a state of blissful relaxation.  From there you step right onto the sand and are whisked away to a private romantic dinner on the beach that includes sparkling wine, canapés and a delicious meal.  Then you’ll round out the experience with a bonfire just for you.

Connect with Hotel Tugu Lombok

Tugu is my #1 luxury choice for where to stay on Lombok.  Room 104 offers direct access to the beach, the team knows how to extend romance into every single experience, the cocktails and food are out of this world, and the service is truly exceptional.  Honestly, I could have stayed for WEEKS at Hotel Tugu Lombok, it was simply that amazing.

For reservations or more information visit their website.  And don’t forget to LIKE their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

XOXO Angela

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