eqUILIBRIA Seminyak – Wonderful Waterfall Luxury Villas, Eco-Friendly, 24/7 Butler in Bali

eqUILIBRIA Seminyak – Wonderful Waterfall Luxury Villas, Eco-Friendly, 24/7 Butler in Bali

Given how tranquil and absolutely removed from life you feel once you step inside, you’d never guess that eqUILIBRIA Seminyak is located in one of the busiest, most sought after areas in Seminyak but it is.

Now, I hope the team will forgive me for this but to me it felt absolutely 100% W Hotel’esque but in luxury villa form.  There is music playing at a healthy volume in the villa upon check-in and the cocktail menu rivals that of the most swank lounge on the island.  The quality of the food, the drinks, the spa, and the villas is absolutely 5-star … and in some ways they go even beyond!

Each villa has a mini mobile that connects them to their butler, day or night, to help with everything while on-site and while guests are out eating, drinking, and shopping in town.


Why You’ll Love eqUILIBRIA Seminyak

Guests are not only welcome to make use of all the facilities on site, but also receive complimentary access to Canggu Club, Bali’s premier country club!

  • Their fruity bath is the most amazing bath I’ve had in my entire life, hands down.  It was truly special … mixing decadence with an exotic feeling that produced a memory I will carry with me forever.
  • The 24/7 butler service is off-the-charts awesome!  They provide a mini phone and will help with everything from negotiating with local vendors while shopping to booking your next table or calling a taxi if you’re club hopping.
  • The sound of the waterfall in the villa makes for the most tranquil soundtrack to your stay at eqUILIBRIA.
  • The cocktails menu is massive … and their yummy detox juices do the trick the next morning if you’ve had one too many!
  • The spa rooms are spacious and beautiful and the treatments are top notch.

Eco-Friendly & Focused on Service

The villas are setup for today’s modern jet-setter who appreciates a property that leverages technology to ensure that a guest is pampered to the absolute perfect degree they wish.  Just check out the amazing way they try to get to know each guest prior to arrival.  I selected my music choices that they preloaded on an iPod for me and pre-ordered some white chocolate covered strawberries that were waiting for me upon my arrival (and learned later that the chef made them especially for me with white chocolate, something they had not done previously).

Each villa comes with an iPod so guests can access menus and place orders for everything from spa treatments to excursions, and of course meals and drinks.  There is also a hard drive in each villa loaded with movies and television shows for their version of ‘Netflix and chill’ 😉

I’ve experienced some relaxing check-ins over the years but eqUILIBRIA impressed me by being the first luxury (multi-villa) property to handle 100% of their check-in in the villa.  On top of that, it’s 100% paperless:

  • The required passport copy is taken with a digital wand and not with a photocopy machine
  • Credit cards are swiped into a smartphone app and signed for digitally, with receipts emailed to guests instead of shared on paper

Private Pool Villas with Waterfalls

Don’t bother with any other category of room at eqUILIBRIA … go for the waterfall villa with private pool straight away, trust me.  The ambient sound alone is an amazing reason to do it!  They are comfy, very modern, and the gardens are absolutely lovely.

Explore the room in detail on their website.

Healthy Dining + Naughty Cocktails

Letting guests be naughty or nice is something that eqUILIBRIA does very well. Feeling like you’ve over-indulged lately? You can start the day with detox juices, move onto an expansive selection of healthy dining options like tuna and avocado tartar, and end the night with exotic and cleansing infusions made fresh just for you. OR, if the little devil on your shoulder wants to play…start the day with a signature hair-of-the-dog bloody mary, dip freshly made bread into the decadent hollandaise sauce with your eggs benedict, snack on canapés while lounging poolside with a cocktail in your hand, finishing out the night with fabulously spicy Indonesian cuisine.

eqUILIBRIA Chef Made Gede Suastawa started in 1994 from the ground up as a pastry chef, and you can see that in the yummy desserts and sweets his team creates. Part of his inspiration for the menu comes from Indonesian street food, which he changes every 3 months … kindly adapting the spiciness of his local dishes for western and Aussie guests.

Romantic Spa Experiences

This spa is especially wonderful for couples, with rooms that are spacious and minimalist in feel, yet with a touch of exotic Asian design to ensure you feel a million miles away each time you visit.  Don’t miss their romantic baths with Champagne either!  Their foot rituals were something unique as well, combining lime and sea salt to really invigorate the tootsies!  Peruse the eqUALIZE SPA menu here.

Connect With eqUILIBRIA Seminyak

Be sure to follow eqUILIBRIA Seminyak on Facebook.
To view the wonderful waterfall villas or for more information, visit their website.

XOXO Angela

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