Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort Ocean Suites, Perfect for Foodies and Spa Lovers

Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort Ocean Suites, Perfect for Foodies and Spa Lovers

If falling asleep to the sound of the waves of the Indian Ocean kissing the soft white sand of Bali sounds like your cup of tea then look no further.  Located right on the beach in the very heart of Seminyak, award-winning Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort and Anantara Spa is a perfect choice for couples, families and solo travellers like me.

This all-suite resort with 60 rooms has 3 pools, a wonderful spa, 2 very unique restaurants and lots of fun extras to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.  Some of the extras are small but appreciated like the very chilled pick-up and drop-off in their comfy van, the 100% separated walk-in closet with spacious wardrobe (totally out of sight), or the fab assortment of amenities.  They have beautiful wooden boxes in and around the bathroom with everything from a hair scrunchy, face serum and chocolate/mandarin lip balm to face cleanser and medium-sized tubes of toothpaste in their dental kits.  The products are self-branded but I tested a few and the quality is great…very spa-esque.

One of my other favourite details is that the turn down service includes a small local Balinese cake wrapped in corn husks and they include a tiny brochure to explain what it is and how to eat it.  They do that with the welcome fruit tray as well…sharing an accordion-style brochure with pics and descriptions of all the exotic fruits indigenous to the region so you know what you’re about to open up and eat. For the first time since arriving to Bali I actually know the names of the yummy fruit I marvel at over breakfasts and in the markets, it’s great!

Why You’ll Love Anantara & Anantara Spa

  • It’s an especially awesome choice for foodies.  I seriously don’t need to describe why…just look below at my pics.  To. Die. For.  (period!)
  • The suites are spacious with fabulously oversized bathtubs complete with candles, incense, bath salts and bubbles.
  • You are just a few minute’s stroll to some of the best restaurants in downtown Seminyak.
  • There is a jacuzzi on every balcony.  In an Ocean Suite like mine, just add wine for a pretty memorable midnight experience.
  • The body scrub at Anantara Spa was the best I’ve had in a year or two.  If you’re so inclined, you could easily spend half a day there a couple of times during your stay, trying out something from each category on the menu and never having to repeat anything.

The Food – Moonlite Kitchen & Bar

The ambiance at Moonlite is perfect. Modern, minimalist and chic yet comfortable … definitely not pretentious, making it very inviting for guests of all ages. The music is a bouncy, groovy mix of chill-out that isn’t so loud you can’t talk but just loud enough to seep into the veins and set alight that inner fire in us all.

Moonlite’s menu is showcased on a large heavy block of solid wood, which is really clean and modern and something I’ve never seen quite like this before. It’s broken up into Teasers, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian & Sides, and Wines and there is definitely something for everyone.

Executive Chef Brandon Huisman has been with Anantara Seminyak for 5 years and seems happy as a clam here. He grew up mostly in Singapore so many of his influences are from Pranakan cuisine but he also has amazing chefs from other regions so the menu reflects the combined skills and passions of not only Brandon but also of his team.

My favourite dishes during my weekend at Anantara were:

  • Mixed BBQ Platter – roast duck, soy sauce chicken, crispy pork belly and char siew pork. It comes with cute mini flat breads and lettuce leaves to use as wraps and the crispy pork is to-die-for!!!
  • Grilled King Prawns ‘Tikka Masala’ – with chaat masala salad, these yummy skewers were sadly not at all spicy, which surprised me.  However, they were wonderfully tender and fresh, making them perfect for western palettes wanting to try out Indian cuisine sans the traditional spiciness.
  • A MUST TRY!!!  Barramundi ‘Gulai Assam Tumis’ – this Tamarind fish curry was my favourite dish from day 1, sooooo flavourful and full of fresh squid, red snapper, muscles and more.
  • Tuna Tartar – Served in a young coconut shell, this tasty little delight is coated with a sambal matah sauce (lemon grass, shallot, chilli, Balinese limes) combined with fresh tender coconut and ginger flower, cooked in coconut oil, and served with crispy Asian peanut crackers.

For wine, my favourite wine by the glass (because I was all alone and it looks better to order by the glass haha) was the New Zealand Durvillea from Marlborough.

Anantara is now home to a fabulous rooftop Sunday Brunch serving up an impressive a la carte menu including 2 different fresh crab dishes, with tastes from all across Asia.  Look for my review and tons of mouth-watering photos in a few days!


Anantara’s all day dining restaurant also turns into a beach-front BBQ 3 times a week, with fresh fish, seafood, local Balinese treats and even Texas BBQ on Tuesdays!  Don’t miss it!

The Spa

I’m experiencing between 2 to 3 spas per week right now in Seminyak so please trust me when I say that I was honestly impressed with the quality of Anantara Spa.  Not only are the staff certified and well trained but the quality of the products they use is amazing.  It’s obvious that a ton of R&D went into the formulas they’ve created at Elemis, which is the brand they use for all facials a few other treatments.

From the time you sit down and start the Balinese Foot Ritual you feel the difference at Anantara.  Their movements are methodical, precise and the treatments are so thorough that I honestly have zero comments on the spa except that I wish I would have had more time to try out a few more treatments.

Here’s what I loved most:

  • BEST #1 treatment of my stay >> Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow.  This 45 minute treatment has my skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom I swear.  They start with a light body brushing to stimulate the blood flow and then rub warm Japanese oil all over the body. After that the ‘salt rub’ begins and each part of the body is intensely rubbed, I think around 5 minutes per quadrant per side if I had to guess.  Then after a quick shower, they apply an amazing moisturiser to the skin.  Don’t miss this amazing treatment…it is seriously awesome sauce!
  • Elemis Exotic Moisture Dew facial >> this 60 minute treatments has my face glowing.  It was so relaxing, with a wonderful head massage while my masque was setting and a neck and upper shoulder massage when we started that I actually fell asleep twice during my facial!
  • The robes >> this may sound silly but j’adore the robes because they are so soft but still thin and just really comfy.

Connect With Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort & Anantara Spa

For more information or to make a reservation visit their website.
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