[Watch] Lovely Hotel Tugu Bali – Where Javanese Architecture Meets Art Deco in Canggu Beach

[Watch] Lovely Hotel Tugu Bali – Where Javanese Architecture Meets Art Deco in Canggu Beach

Down a wooden walkway that transports guests to another world, lies the must-visit beachfront property of Hotel Tugu Bali in the town of Canggu.  The lovely design of Tugu is owed to the highly successful marriage of art deco with Javanese architecture that results in a property that felt like I had stepped back in time yet it was wildly fashionable at the same time.  From the moment I stepped inside I was in awe of my surroundings, and long for a few more days at Tugu!

Please come on a tour of Hotel Tugu Bali with me in the video below >>


Why You’ll Love It

  • A tremendous amount of effort has gone into creating a quality spa menu that is both enthrallingly unique and diverse enough to offer up something new every day of your stay
  • If you’re like me … because the welcome drink can be wine!
  • They have decorated the suites and property with museum-worthy antiques and art
  • The rugged coastline that borders Tugu offers up gorgeous sunsets, night after night
  • You can disconnect from the world 100% or spend the day engaging in a diverse range of classes like cooking, yoga, floral arrangement, traditional Balinese dance, and more!
  • The staff are knowledgeable about the antiquities and are happy to share their histories with you

The Rooms

Spread around the grounds and accessed via quaint little walking paths, you’ll find a wide variety of suites and villas to satisfy any traveller’s tastes I’m sure.  I went on a tour of the Water Spies Pavillion with the sunken bath and oversized antique bed and fell instantly in love, do check out the photos on their website.

For me, I loved that my suite felt both retro and modern at the same time.  The outdoor garden had a back exit that led to another small garden and temple, and opened up from there to the beach.  Oh and the bathroom….well, that was one of my favourite bath experiences from my two months in Bali.  And although the amenities are self-branded, the quality was incredible and I have only wonderful things to say about them.

The Spa

As a travel blogger, I’ve stepped foot into more spas than I can actually count and it takes a lot to surprise me nowadays but Hotel Tugu Bali did just that.  Not only was the room impeccable and the therapist highly skilled but the treatments are truly unique.  I enjoyed the Mantra Experience and what surprised me first was that my therapist was actually cooking up the ingredients for my treatment as I arrived.  From there I was mesmerised by chanting, blessings, and a massage that had me walking on air for the rest of the day.  I only wish I could have tried the entire spa menu!

Food & Drinks

Hotel Tugu Bali specialises in traditional Balinese cuisine and they do it well indeed!  In fact, they offer a literal menu of choices for the type of experience you’d like to have when it comes to the culinary arts!  There is another for selecting the location where you’d like to enjoy your meals, ranging from in one of their gardens, on a quiet beach, or even in their exclusive private dining pavilion for two that sits above Tugu’s vast lotus pond.

TIP: Enjoy breakfast early on the beach for a memory to last a lifetime.  The soft breeze and beauty of the landscape make it an unforgettable experience.

Connect with Hotel Tugu Bali

The hotel is situated on the west coast of Bali less than half an hour’s drive from Seminyak yet it feels a thousand kilometres away.  After 2 months in Bali, Hotel Tugu Bali ranks in my top 5 favourite stays from my trip.  The property offers up a timeless quality of both comfort and history … and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a bit of romance, art lovers looking to reside with antiquities, and absolutely for surfers looking for a local experience away from the standard crowds.

For reservations or more information visit their website.  And don’t forget to LIKE their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

XOOX – Angela

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