What To See & Do in Bangkok: Perfect Weekend Itinerary

What To See & Do in Bangkok: Perfect Weekend Itinerary

Don’t miss out on a thing that Bangkok has to offer by following this perfectly curated guide to 48 hours in Bangkok. Knowing that my daughter and I only had a weekend, I researched the heck out of what to see and do so that we had a fun balance of culture, sightseeing, food and fun. The only thing we missed due to flight delays was spending hours shopping in a night market and eating street food. Otherwise, I 100% recommend this itinerary!

2 Days In Bangkok Travel Guide

Everything you need to know about a weekend in Bangkok in this 10 minute guide video.
  1. Watch the sunset over Wat Arun temple. It’s pure magic, you’ll never forget it.
  2. Go for dinner at the intimate and fabulous Tep Restaurant & Bar, which was recommended by W Bangkok Insider. They have amazing cocktails and pay special attention to the garnish. There is live traditional Thai music making it a very cultural affair. My meal was delicious and delightful. I tried a bit of e everything, including silkworms for the first time!
  3. Catch the Calypso Cabaret show! I did the research and it is the best in Bangkok. There is table service during the show for cocktails and wine, which was nice.
  4. Go for a midnight stroll around the famous Pak Khlong Talat Bangkok Flower Market.
  5. Be the first to arrive at the UNESCO ‘Memory of the World’ designated Buddhist temple Wat Pho. This was by far my favourite experience from our weekend in Bangkok.
  6. Refuel with local sweet and strong coffee.
  7. Go on a fun 1-, 2- or 3-hour Tuk Tuk tour and trust your itinerary to the driver who will know the best things to see within your allotted time.
  8. Go on a self-guided walking tour. I started near the Rama VIII bridge at the Phra Sumen Fort, walked across a small bridge, and had a wonderful time exploring the back streets and photographing murals.
  9. Visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market for crazy shopping and some of the best street food in Bangkok.

And seriously, I can’t push this point home enough: be there waiting when they open the doors at Wat Pho Temple. If you don’t sadly everything you’ve seen in the video will be populated with droves of other visitors.

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