Mulu National Park 3-Day UNESCO Luxury Travel Guide | Borneo, Malaysia

Mulu National Park 3-Day UNESCO Luxury Travel Guide | Borneo, Malaysia

Exploring UNESCO Sites is one of my favourite things to do when I travel and this is my #1 recommendation in Malaysia! This trip was the perfect blend of exploration and pampering. It had been ages since I’d felt such a relaxed and blissful connection to mother nature at a 5-star hotel. In all of Mulu there are only 5 places to stay and there is only 1 luxury property, the Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa. This is a truly special hotel that offers guests VIP access to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Gunung Mulu National Park and the best private guides within the Sarawak rain forest.   


  1. No roads lead into Mulu, you must fly or arrive by the river. Fly in and out of Miri and book your stay when the Wireless Walk night market is going on, it is home to some amazing street food.
  2. Stay at Mulu Marriott and book your 2 days of exploration with a private guide at the Marriott. DO NOT JOIN A GROUP TOUR! I saw what that looked like in contrast to my private experience and it was night and day different.
  3. Follow the suggested sightseeing by Sarawak Tourism Board (the exact itinerary I follow: DAY 1 – Canopy Skywalk and Deer & Lang Cave – and – DAY 2 – the traditional longboat cruise, Cave of the Winds, and Clearwater Cave.
  4. Book a spa appointment for day 2 after you return from the caves. You will need it and I promise it 100% rejuvenated me!
  5. In the video I share that I arrived at the sites on Day 2 before anyone else. Honestly, leading out on a traditional Malaysian longboat before any other tourists in Gunung Mulu National Park was the BEST choice to enhance my travel experience.  Not only was I able to shoot the Cave of the Winds and Clearwater Cave without anyone else around but it offered me a glimpse into real village life along the Sungai Melinau Paku river that I would have never seen otherwise.  

Why You’ll Love Mulu Marriott

  • Total Escape!  It’s in the rain forest in the middle of a truly remote area of Sarawak, Borneo with zero distractions aside from nature, Mulu Park, and all the pampering your heart desires.  Your battery will be recharged like never before.
  • Mandara Spa!  This pretty spa has rooms that open up onto nature with highly-skilled therapists. 
  • Private Tours to Mulu Park!  Instead of going in a group, you have the option to book VIP private tours to Deer & Lang Cave, Clearwater Cave, Cave of the Winds, and so much more. 

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

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