Phuket | The Aquila Luxury 7B Private Villa

Phuket | The Aquila Luxury 7B Private Villa

Over the past few years I’ve reviewed a dozen or more villas around Southeast Asia but none have compared to the grandeur, decadence, modern minimalism of The Aquila.  In fact, even by Phuket’s posh Millionaire Mile standards, this gorgeous villa is a step above the rest.  It is perfect for private getaways where you want no distractions from the outside world and where the service level and features at the villa are utter perfection.  You’ll eat, drink, play, and sleep in style … in a way I didn’t think was possible in a private villa.

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Why You’ll Love The Aquila

  • The View!  Truly, the view is almost hypnotic at times.  It is so pretty that it’s hard to discern where the sky ends and the aquamarine waters of the Andaman Sea begin.
  • Perfect For Groups!  The Aquila presently has 7 en-suite bedrooms but when I was there a bit of construction was going on to expand by another “pavilion” (what they call the various buildings that comprise the compound).  I’m planning to have my 50th birthday there in a few years and can imagine that it would be a perfect villa for an intimate destination wedding.
  • You’ll Completely Escape!  Not only is the villa paparazzi-proof but it turns into such a home-away-from-home that you never need to leave.  The discreet staff are well versed in cocktail making, the private chef makes a mean Thai prawn salad, and there’s both a spa and gym on site.
  • It’s Hardwired For Fun!  From the very swish bar, the picture perfect infinity pool, and the massive number of chillout lounges … you’re guaranteed to have the perfect space for whatever mood you’re in.  On top of that, the entire place is decked out with a super sound system and every type of playlist under the sun, with enough music to last you weeks without hearing the same song twice.
Click on the pic to read my piece on The Aquila in the December issue of Esquire Malaysia magazine.

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