Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel | Orchard Road

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel | Orchard Road

Orchard Road is tied for first as my favourite area to head out to on foot when I’m in Singapore.  It’s famous for its non-stop energy, diverse culinary treats, and endless shopping that’s sure to dazzle all tastes (and any budget!).  If you’re looking for a home base in the heart of it all, right on Orchard Road, then the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is your ticket.  It is tucked inside of an absolutely beautiful historic building, and offers everything a business or leisure traveller could wish for, day or night.

Why You’ll Love It

On this short-but-sweet less than 24 hour stay, I basically ate and slept … very, very well!

  • Great Rooms!  Their Club level rooms are well appointed and appear to be recently renovated.  I was in an Executive Room but would opt for an Executive or Junior Suite next stay, they look amazing.
  • Afternoon High Tea!  As for pampering the palette, I thoroughly enjoyed their Traditional English Tea in the lobby lounge.  It is presented as you’d expect but they also bring back certain items from time to time to see if you’d like a refill, which we did on 3 items.  We were quite naughty 🙂
  • Executive Lounge!  I only made it for the long and lazy happy hour at the Club but it runs until 21:30 and is quite impressive.  I’ve reviewed dozens of Executive Lounges in Asia and this one was quite noteworthy for the food.  They have a limited amount of each category (hot dishes, cold, dessert, etc) but they choose well, present it all in a fun, modern way, and it was all fresh and yummy.
  • Dining In at Crossroads Cafe!  You can dine inside with the a/c or outside with fans to take in the wonderful vibe of Orchard.  That’s where I sat and I can tell you that place is people-watching GOLD!  I enjoyed a late dinner and dug into one of their local noodle dishes there and loved it.
  • Java+ Midnight Snack!  And since they have such a large assortment of pastries and freshly baked bread as well … well, that made for a truly naughty and decadent midnight snack with some wine 😉

Contact Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

  • For more information or to make a reservation, be sure to visit their website.
  • If you’re a foodie, don’t miss their Instagram account for a daily dose of something tantalising from their kitchens.

XOXO Angela

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