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Crazy Rich Asians Hawker Food Guide

Crazy Rich Asians Hawker Food Guide

One of my favourite foodie moments in the film Crazy Rich Asians is that first scene in Singapore when they head out to the hawker / street food court. It’s a lively scene packed with fun energy and dee-lish food. They eat laksa, satay, carrot cake, fresh crab, and more. So during my trip to Singapore this week, my friends Lisya, Zuzi, and Yasmin helped me recreate this scene from the movie, eating and drinking our way through a TON of food and ice cold beer … at the exact food court from #CrazyRichAsians!

Crazy Rich Asians Hawker Food Guide

I thought about trying a couple stalls for each food we tried but instead we just ate and drank and had FUN!! For that reason, I’m not going to list every stall we ate at and recommend it as the best (but you can find it if you match up moments in the video like I did). Ohhhhh but for sure hunt down that beer stall we drank from though, it was crazy cold beer 😉

  • Newton Food Centre (or Newton Circus is what I understand the locals call it) is the name of the food court from Crazy Rich Asians
  • Location on Google Maps
  • Opening Hours: 12pm – 2am daily

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