Mulu Marriott Resort and Spa Tour & Review | Luxury Oasis in Sarawak Borneo at Mulu Park

Mulu Marriott Resort and Spa Tour & Review | Luxury Oasis in Sarawak Borneo at Mulu Park

It has been a while since I’ve felt such a relaxed and blissful connection to mother nature while still being decadently pampered in 5 star luxury. Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa is a truly special property that offers guests VIP access to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Gunung Mulu National Park and all of the tours and excursions within the gorgeous Sarawak rain forest.   Check it out:

Why You’ll Love Mulu Marriott

  • Total Escape!  It’s in the rain forest in the middle of a truly remote area of Sarawak, Borneo with zero distractions aside from nature, Mulu Park, and all the pampering your heart desires.  Your battery will be recharged like never before.
  • Mandara Spa!  This pretty spa has rooms that open up onto nature with highly skilled therapists to rejuvenate you 100%.
  • Private Tours to Mulu Park!  Instead of going in a group, you have the option to book VIP private tours to Deer & Lang Cave, Clearwater Cave, Cave of the Winds, and so much more.

I booked 2 days of private tours (costs at bottom of this post) suggested by Sarawak Tourism Board with Mulu Marriott’s leading guide Steve Duloi and it was amazing.  I hope you’ll watch my Mulu Park videos of the Canopy Skywalk and Deer & Lang Cave from Day 1 and the traditional longboat cruise, Cave of the Winds, and Clearwater cave from Day 2.

Premier Room 230

Like all rooms and suites, mine was built on stilts and sits atop lush green foliage that is home to a wonderful assortment of creatures who sing out and enhance the Mulu Marriott experience.  The beds are comfy, the bathrooms bright and modern, and there is even a private balcony that was perfect for sipping coffee at in the morning and wine as the sun set in the forest.  OHHH and I love that they stocked the room with full bottles of wine that were reasonably priced.

One note: there is no wifi in the rooms, which as a blogger made life a bit complicated as I’m very rarely able to disconnect 100%.  There IS wifi in the main lounges and lobby but the speed slowed to a trickle once more than a few people were connected.  FYI, the staff told me they are working on finding a solution to their rain forest internet woes.

The Property

Words escape me for some reason as I try to explain the beauty of this property.  It’s tropical and exotic yet it feels like home … a place you can curl up with a good book or snuggle with your loved one and relax, no matter where you are on the property.  The staff have excellent quality standards and will go out of their way to ensure that your stay is an unforgettable experience.  There’s a massive gym and swimming pool, bicycles to explore Mulu, tons of activities to sign up for in and around Mulu Park …. and a feeling of utter calm and tranquility that is a welcome breath of fresh air at a big brand luxury hotel.

Mandara Spa

I wish I had more time on day 1 to visit the spa but I was out and about at Mulu Park until nightfall ‘cuz boy did I need it.  After climbing endless stairs, walking through the rain forest, and exploring caves … my legs were shot and useless.  Just after lunch on day 2 I headed in for their ‘Ouchless’ Reflexology and a long relaxing bath with special salts and it was incredible (see the video).  I was there about an hour an a half and completely relaxed.  Day 3 I headed back to Mandara Spa for just the reflexology and that finally had my tootsies and lower legs back to normal.

When I arrived on Day 2, they had the a/c on and music was playing but they told me if I wanted I could enjoy the open air and sounds of nature during my treatment instead so I chose that, and it turned my spa session into a memory I will remember for years to come.

Marriott Cafe & Lobby Bar

From cocktails, refreshing yummy smoothies, and lovely wine … to delicious local and international meals cooked by passionate male AND female chefs (go girls!), you’ll find something for any mood or time of day.  Here are a couple of my favourites:

  • I particularly loved their Signature Lychee Martini, don’t miss that!
  • The Sarawak Laksa (in pics below) was my absolute favourite dish I ate over the 3 days I was there so do try it
  • Mulu Marriott’s signature local treat is their Bamboo Chicken, which is something you have to see to believe so do check out my video to see the chef share that wonderful dish live on camera

NOTE: the food is hit or miss at Mulu Marriott but not for the reasons you’d think.  Because it’s such a remote area of Borneo, and they depend 100% on imported ingredients, some items on the menu will go missing if they aren’t able to source it.  At least once a day I had a substitution of a kind of fish or maybe veg instead of mash, etc.

Tour Costs & Mulu Marriott Contact

  • For more information or to make a reservation, visit their website.
  • To stay up on the latest news and fun posts, follow them on Facebook.
  • Private Tour with Mulu Marriott that includes Deer & Lang Cave + Clearwater & Wind Cave costs MYR 548 net for adults / 326 net for children and includes Park entrance, guide fee, boat transfer, survival kit (torch, poncho, water, snack, sling bag), and picnic lunch at Clearwater Cave (Chosen from à la carte menu)
  • Group Tour / Family Tour with Mulu Marriott (maximum 7 guests) that includes Deer & Lang Cave + Clearwater & Wind Cave costs MYR 373 net for adults / 175 net for children and includes Park entrance, guide fee, boat transfer, survival kit (torch, poncho, water, snack, sling bag), and picnic lunch at Clearwater Cave (Chosen from à la carte menu)

XOXO Angela

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