Langkawi Luxury Dinner Cruise is 3 Hours of Sunset Fun with Naam

Langkawi Luxury Dinner Cruise is 3 Hours of Sunset Fun with Naam

It’s a pretty safe bet that I’m going to be signing up for anything that includes wine, a dinner cruise, and an absolutely memorable, picture-perfect sunset.  When I landed on Langkawi and started asking around at the Meritus Pelangi Beach for recommendations on the best cruise operator, the team there shared that they favour Naam and recommended their 3-hour evening dinner cruise on the Sea Falcon so I signed up to go a few days later.  Since I was just one person and staying at the jungle hotel Ambong Ambong (and not one of the main luxury properties they have scheduled pickups at), they provided very swish transfer service in a shiny black sedan that felt wonderfully VIP following days of vans and taxis.

Ohhhh and it turns out I was the only non-Chinese guest aboard that night and I had a hoot and a half!  The wine was flowing, the food was actually really yummy, and the ambiance on the Sea Falcon was perfect.  A bit of a party at the beginning, and then we went into a chill-out vibe closer to sunset.

NOTE: for the first time in over a year, I accidentally deleted the video footage I shot on my Nikon while transferring files.  So, what you’ll see is still fun but it’s sadly an ‘Angela show’ because it’s what I shot from my iPhone.  I’m so sad, as I shot some amazing footage that night.  Anyway, do check it out, it’s just missing the long shots and food and boat interior images:  

What I Loved Most:

  • The view of the sunset from Sea was priceless.  It had all of those pink and purple hues you see from Langkawi but with the island in the background and it’s breathtaking.
  • The chilled energy of the experience.  I was the least casual person there it turned out … not so much for my clothes (as I was just wearing a cotton sundress) but I had bling’d up my hair and had mascara on and since most everyone else had planned on swimming so were more beachy.
  • The wine was yummy and the food was well presented and good.  Don’t expect hand-passed canapés or fine dining but the buffet had variety and everyone enjoyed it.

Connect & More Information

  • Cost is RM280 per person and you can add on a transfer for just RM75
  • You can buy your ticket online yourself and pay via PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard …. or book it through your hotel concierge or travel planner
  • For more information on this particular 3-hour Langkawi dinner sunset cruise visit Naam’s website

XOXO Angela

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