Top 3 Things To Do In Macau

Top 3 Things To Do In Macau

If you’re looking for a mix of old world culture and casino fun, then make a date with lady luck and hightail it over to one of Asia’s most exciting islands! Macau is full of fun things to do, including gambling 24/7 … making it basically what Las Vegas is for me, Disneyland for adults! It’s a great place to go unwind for a few days like when mom came to visit in 2015.  Or a perfect destination to go play for a few hours like I did on my first trip to Macau, when I was on a visa run.

There’s a ferry every 30 minutes from Hong Kong across the Pearl River Delta to this popular gaming city. Do check my review of the ferry’s upgraded premiere class, it’s much easier and faster than flying there and most definitely more relaxing than standard class!

Whether you’re travelling to Macau to catch up on a good book and sip Champagne or to gamble ‘til dawn, there are a few things you must do, below is my list.

Watch The House Of Dancing Water

The House Of Dancing Water at the City Of Dreams resort is THE #1 MUST of Macau, trust me on this one! My Mom and I hit this show and we were spellbound, it’s like nothing else we had ever seen. While Macau draws plenty of Las Vegas comparisons, and with good reason, this is its undeniable shining star that puts it over the edge on the entertainment side. The audience sits around a 3.7 million gallon pool with a changing stage built to accommodate dirt bikes flipping 360s, dancers, and divers. It’s an incredible display of stunts and acrobatics, and one you won’t soon forget.

I’ve sent a few friends to the show who reached out looking for tips on what to do in Macau and every single person has said it was the highlight of their trip.

Eat Portuguese Egg Tarts

When it comes to what to eat, I could go on for a while with recommendations but at the end of the day what I would suggest is simple (and what most people remember most from their culinary experience on Macau). Head over to the quiet village area on Coloane and enjoy a peaceful moment at Lord Stow’s Bakery savouring their delicious – and infamous! – egg tarts. This sleepy location is their original shop and nothing like the bouncy kiosk you can find at The Venetian hotel. Do watch this short-but-sweet video on BBC Lord Stow, the legacy of this iconic treat from Macau’s Tourism Office.

Hit the Gaming Floor at The Venetian

Hit the cage, grab those chips, and bring lady luck with you! Macau is chocablock full of card tables and roulette wheels. However, with over 4,000 slots and tables you’ll find the Venetian Macau is probably the most popular – and most impressive! The slots there will make you smile, various in theme and appeal just like their popular online gaming and app counterparts!  Some will keep you enthralled for hours … and if you’re like my mom who only chose the exotic looking slot machines in Chinese while she only speaks English, some might leave you guessing which button to press next (I’m serious, she was hilarious and chose the most outlandish machines, see below)!

Final Thoughts

I wish I had hotel recommendations for you but sadly I was really disappointed with the hotel I chose for the longer stay with my mom. As you can see in the featured image above, it had wonderful views of the aquamarine waters around the island but it was very run down and the service wasn’t great. Next time hopefully I’ll choose better so if you have any recommendations for ME do share them.

XOXO Angela

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