Foodie Stay at The Club Saujana Resort

Foodie Stay at The Club Saujana Resort

When it’s time to escape the urban jungle of Kuala Lumpur, you really won’t  have to venture out as far as you think.  Famous amongst locals for it’s spa, The Club Saujana Resort is a breath of fresh air, located just a few minutes outside of town on a very pretty golf course.  Come with me for a day and night full of yummy food, presided over by Chef Marco from Italia.  I tried the dim sum lunch at the lake-side Asian restaurant and a truffle-filled feast at the VERY ROMANTIC and lovely Italian restaurant and really loved both.

It was a shorter stay than usual for me so forgive me for not including more in the video, most especially the spa which I wasn’t able to visit but was 100% the inspiration for my visit in the first place because my dear friend Ramesh here in KL is a huge fan of it (and I trust him on things pampering-related!).  Hopefully I’ll be able to experience it in the near future and I’ll update this review.

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The rooms are large and have very tranquil views of green all around (at least mine did), making it a real escape from KL.  I would definitely stay only at The Club and not at the hotel given the more personalised service and peaceful feel at The Club.  To reserve your room or for more information, visit their website.

XOXO Angela

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