The Ritz-Carlton CLUB Kuala Lumpur | Exclusive V.I.P. Entry & Lift

The Ritz-Carlton CLUB Kuala Lumpur | Exclusive V.I.P. Entry & Lift

It’s not often I’m truly awed by a 5-star hotel’s executive lounge and services but WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can say when it came to my first reaction at The Ritz-Carlton CLUB Kuala Lumpur.  I’ve stayed at The Ritz in KL previously and I pop in from time to time for Afternoon Tea as it’s my favourite in town.  However what the CLUB offers up is true exclusivity on a level that is unprecedented, at least for me.  This luxury property gives CLUB guests their own private entrance to the hotel, a private lift, and much, much more.

Why You’ll Love The Ritz-Carlton CLUB

  • V.I.P. Style >> I’ve mentioned it already but the private entry and lift are wonderful treats, especially during peak hours at the hotel.  The feeling I had was almost like being in a swank boutique hotel because the number of other guests you encounter upon check-in or simply walking in and out is reduced so drastically, it’s wonderful.
  • Complimentary Chauffer Service >> The hotel is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with tons to see and do (and eat, drink, and shop for!) and CLUB guests have access to a private driver to chauffer them around KL’s Golden Triangle.
  • A la Carte Dining >> Let your expectations fly free!  The CLUB offers up standard treats like brekkie and cocktail hour of course.  However, on top of that you can dine a la carte for all meals inside the Lounge, from a menu that combines the best of all F&B outlets at the hotel.  It’s chargeable at the same rate you’d pay inside the restaurants themselves but it’s such a treat to be able to stay in the Lounge for some meals.
  • High Tea >> You can recharge in the afternoon with traditional High Tea as well, which is a treat I’ve not seen in any other Lounge if I’m not mistaken.  Do take a tip from me and order the The Ritz-Carlton Blend tea available only in KL.  It’s truly special and delightfully fragrant.
  • It’s Open 24/7 >> Whether you’re burning the midnight oil and just want an escape or your flight schedule is less than ideal, you’ll love being able to pop into the lounge any time day or night.

Suggestions For Your Stay

  1. Stay In the 1-Bedroom Suite!  It’s quiet, roomy, and the butlers know exactly how to whip up a mean bubble bath (watch my video for a glimpse of mine).
  2. Dine at The Library!  This is my favourite restaurant at The Ritz, they have yummy prime rib at dinner complete with fresh Yorkshire pudding and perfect gravy (yum yum!!!).  It’s also home to their Champange Sunday brunch so if you can plan your stay over a Sunday definitely book a booth inside the main library area … it’s the best seat in the house for enjoying a lazy bubbly Sunday brunch.
  3. Eat the Carrot Cake!  I know this sounds silly but The Ritz has ruined me for all other carrot cakes since the fall of 2016.  In theory it’s served at the cafe or Lobby Lounge but they’ll bring it to the CLUB Lounge so do yourself a favour and order a yummy, decadent slice (or two if I’m being honest, like me haha).
  4. Visit Spa Village!  I didn’t hit the spa on this trip but I wish I had, it’s a tranquil oasis and well staffed.  They have some truly unique treatments as well, one that I tried I’ve never seen elsewhere.  You can read my previous experience with their vibrations treatment here.

One Tip!  Take a sweater or wrap with you.  I carried an extra pashmina with me to the CLUB Lounge religiously and even politely requested to be sat in a spot where the aircon didn’t reach quite as much.  I don’t know why but I found it to be crazy cold in there 😉

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For me, this was a truly exceptional experience.  I’d love to tell you that the service level I experienced during my CLUB stay was super charged in comparison to my other visits but sadly I can’t … it was spot on perfect in almost every way, like I’ve grown to expect from this hotel.

XOXO Angela

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