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Ramadan 2018 Vlog | Resorts World Genting

Ramadan 2018 Vlog | Resorts World Genting

If you want to break fast with a true Ramadan feast and delight the whole family with a fabulously memorable experience then head up to SkySymphony at Resorts World Genting Genting Studios’ CG team has just launched their newest show called Ocean Groove that is crazy good fun for kids young and old (and free of charge).  It includes amazing kinetic lights and a cute turtle named Maestro Ning who conducts an underwater orchestra.  Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning is a wrap-around, 4-story visual experience that you have to see to truly believe.  Then after the show, head down the hill a bit to Rajawali Coffee House at Awana Hotel for the over 100 dishes Hari Raya feast for iftar.  I’m not normally a buffet gal but this one really stands out as something special and a must for everyone to try during the holy month of Ramadan.  Check it out >>

Buka Puasa Ramadan 2018 at Resorts World Genting

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